The Unguarded

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Working at this restaurant really gave me a proper understanding of life. It was a job I extremely hated but I had to take it in order to keep myself busy and also help raise money for my university. I'm Mary Smart, I am 16 years old and an ss3 student at Primes college, I am what you'd call a thick black tall girl. I am an arts major student and love painting with my friend Mikey during our leisure time. Mikey and I are in the same class, he is about my age. He is light skinned and is about my height. His parents are business moguls and run one of the largest marketing and advertising companies in the country, they were barely home so that means a lot of parties. I also have other friends, Brendan and Jules. Jules is a pretty spoiled rich kid who is also a social media influencer with about 600k followers, she goes on weird adventures discovering hidden or unknown places and uploads the videos on her Instagram page.

Her fans are very obsessed with her and regularly send her gifts and some even suggest new places to explore. She is 17 years old, has dark shiny chocolate skin tone and a beautiful afro. She is just about tall and has a beautiful body shape. Her parents are divorced so she lives with her mom but often visits her dad who lives in Paris. Brendan was from a middle-class family and was raised by a single mom, he has 3 sisters and 1 brother, he was the oldest and the only one with siblings amongst us, he is really good at maths and science and is probably the most intelligent amongst us, I am definitely following after, Mikey behind me and then Jules, she barely studies even.

After Jules' returns from a place called "The shrubs'' which is located at the eastern part of the country, she shared her experiences as usual to her fans, The shrubs was a really beautiful place with really nice scenery, from outside, it looks like an abandoned cave covered with leaves but inside is a whole new world, Jules' fans gush over her photos and videos of The shrubs and a few others suggest cooler places. One of the suggestions was from a guy called Paulino Rivera and he would go on to suggest that Jules visits this weird place in the western part of the continent called "The unguarded" although the name sounded pretty odd and weird, Jules still wanted to try it out and she wanted us to come along too.

It's not a bad idea, but, I mean, do you know where this place is?", I said after she showed us the message she received from Paulino, "come on, we'll find it, it's going to be fun, it sounds so mysterious and I can't wait to find it" she said jiggling. "Okay, but has he told you what it is about?" asked Mikey, "no, how would he know if he's never been there?, He's just heard of it. Come on guys, trust me these adventures are really fun and I'm sure you're gonna like it". "When do we leave?" I asked, "mmmmmm, I was thinking Saturday" replied Jules "come on Jules! That's about 3 days from today, what should I tell my mom?" Brendan asked looking confused, "we'll all tell them we're going for a science competition" Jules said, "come on Jules, your mom is gonna believe that? Mikey said and we all laughed. When I got back home, my mom was in the kitchen making dinner so I quickly ran to my room, dropped my bag and joined her in the kitchen. She smiled at me, "how was your day?" She asked, "It went well, work was a bit fun today, remember Mr. Murphy?, *Oh the old man who lives beside the restaurant?", "Yes, it was his wife's birthday today so we were contracted to supply food, it turned out pretty well" I said with a smile. "Oh also, I've got this science competition coming up, I'm leaving on Saturday", "woah, young lady, nobody told me about a science competition" my mom said giving me 'the look', "come on, I'm grown up now, I no longer need a babysitter", "they're your teachers not babysitters", "well, I'll be going with Mikey, Jules and Brandon, so no big deal", "well I need to see a letter or something from the school, I'm not letting you go without getting it directly from the school authority", "fine!" I said and walked towards the dining table with a pot of sauce".

The next day at school, I told Jules about my mom's response and it turns out the other guys had the same answers, so Jules suggested we faked the letter. "Cool, but how are we going to get his signature?" I asked, "we'll just look through previous letters and I could try to forge the book signatures onto the fake letters" Mikey said, "what if they find out?" Brandon asked, "oh please, our parents are too busy to even notice" Jules said. That afternoon, we all met up at Mikey's house after school to execute the fake letters plan. Mikey dug out some old letters which had the principal's signature on it and once we were able to forge it, Jules went ahead to type and print the letters and Mikey added the signatures, the letter was ready, he stayed a few hours more playing video games then went home later. When I got back home, my mom hadn't come home from work yet, so I went straight into my room to shower and rest. Once I heard her car pulling up on the driveway, I took out the letter from my bag and took it to her. "Hey mom, how was your day?" I asked getting the bag of groceries she held, "it was so stressful. Get me a glass of water" I went into the kitchen, dropped the groceries and came back with a glass of water, "here" I said handing it to her, "I've got the letter you asked for", "what letter?", "The one for the science competition, here", she got the letter from me and read through it and looked up at me, "find then" she said rolling her eyes, I jumped up in excitement and gave her a hug, she smiled and shook her head, "you must really wanna go", "yes all my friends are going, I wouldn't want to miss out on it, don't worry, I'll be back in no time, you won't miss me too much…

Saturday is here and we are all excited! I packed my bags, gave my mom a peck and headed out of the house to meet Jules'. On getting there I found everyone waiting and as soon as they saw me, they picked up their bags and walked towards me, "what's up" asked Mikey, "I'm good, okay so Jules, where are we heading?," I asked, to the airport, I bought us tickets and we're almost late so let's get going, she replied. We boarded a taxi to the airport and the adventure began!. When we got to the location Paulino gave us, it was just a small town with very few people, so we lodged at a hotel to spend the night and begin the journey in the morning. The journey was quite stressful and involved a lot of climbing but we soon got to the exact location. According to the map from Paulino, we were to go right and then move through the woods before getting to "The Unguarded". The journey was a really scary one but Jules seemed to be having fun, she kept saying she 'had a good feeling about this one, yeah right, I just wanted to get out of this place's woods. Unknown to us, as much as Jules had thousands of fans, she also had haters, people who would go to whatever extent to crush her and ruin her career. Paulino had his guys in the moods camouflaged with the trees, monitoring our movement; some of the trees also had security cameras hidden in them. I freaked out at any sound and started saying how bad an idea it was to come out here in the first place "relax, the first time usually feels this way" Jules said smiling at me, Brandon gave me a pat on my back and offered to walk beside me if it'll make me feel any better. I liked that so I agreed.

After walking a few miles, we came out of the woods and onto the road. It was finally over, so I thought, we looked at the map and it gave us our final location, we were to go left till we saw an old house by the right side of the street, it was the only house on the street. So we began walking, "This is getting a bit weird, is this how it usually is?" Brandon asked Jules, "oh quit whining, when we get to our destination, you will realize how good this decision was and how this is the best holiday ever" Jules said. "Please God…" I muttered as we walked towards the house, it looked really scary and Jules was already taking pictures and recording videos, she walked up to the door and knocked on it while we all just watched, she knocked a few more times and finally decided we should just go in. I picked up a twig and moved towards the house, Jules laughed and said how extremely dramatic I was. Jules pushed the door open and Mikey walked in after her, I followed, then Brandon, as soon as we were all in the room, the door closed and out of nowhere, a few guys jumped on us and placed something on our noses.

When I woke up I felt a really terrible headache and my mouth tasted like dust, I tried to completely open my eyes and when I eventually did, I saw Brandon lying lifelessly beside me! Covered in blood and he had lost some body parts, one of the gang members ran into the room, slapped me on my face and told me to keep quiet, I begged him to please let me go and he smiled. His phone rang, answered it, went outside and came back to me, he dragged me up and yelled "stand erect!" Which I instantly obeyed, we walked to another room and he put me on the floor, reached on for the light switch and turned on the light. Mickey and Jules were here too, "Jules! Mikey!!" I screamed amidst tears, "please let us go please sir please, I'm sorry for barging into your home, I promise you, we're not thieves, just let us go please" the gang member walked out and soon their leader walked in, she literally looked like hulk, she just wasn't green, she was a very huge woman. She turned on the full house light revealing surgical tools, she had her boys strap Jules to the chair, Jules was screaming and struggling but these hefty men were not feeling it.


Jules was tied and placed at the corner of the room and the boss walked up to her and asked, "what are your last words?", "Jules looked at me crying uncontrollably, I'm really sorry Mary, didn't mean for this to happen please forgive me, forgive me Mikey, I couldn't say anything, I just cried and said silent prayers, soon the boss began sewing Jules lips together, I couldn't watch, all I could hear was Jules screaming, soon the gang leader was done and then she pointed a mirror at Jules and said, "don't you look good with your mouth shut?" Jules struggled to speak and was crying bitterly, the boss slowly walked up to Mikey, "No!! No please don't!" I screamed, she smiled and walked over to me, she bend over, looked at my face and smiled, she walked back to Mikey and gave him a kick in the guts, Mikey groaned in pain, he rolled over and managed to pick up an electric iron which was still hot and hit one of the guards face with it, infuriated, the guard shot him in the head, Jules and I screamed!, "I wailed bitterly," noo please don't hurt me, please" she said she wouldn't hurt me after all, she asked her men to untie me and told me to run as fast as I could without looking back. I swung the door open and ran as fast as my strength could take me, then a gunshot was fired, I turned back and realized Jules was gone, and before I could turn around to make a run for it, I got my own share, bleeding uncontrollably, I wrote down our tragic end until my last breath.

This is entirely a work of fiction, hope you enjoyed it