Life and Death

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Katty ran to where I was laying and shook me back to reality, "another one?", "It felt so real," I said, still shivering from the effects of the dream, "let me make you tea" my sister said, dashing into the kitchen. I stood up and walked towards my window, I didn't want to get too close as Mr Bass, my landlord, was tending to his garden which was just beside my window. "So what was it about this time?" Katty asked as she walked into the room, I walked to my bed, pushed open one of the drawers and took out a note, I flipped through the pages and got to the one titled 'LILLY', "Lily?!" Katty yelled, took a few steps back and collapsed into a chair, "make it stop Zee" She said in a low tone and stormed out of the room. Lily was Mr. Bass's only child and Katty's best friend who lived next door, when I moved in here, Katty was 2 years old, it's been 8 years and they've stayed close since.

I had moved out here because everyone in my community thought I was a witch and were planning an attack when my uncle helped Lily and I escape. I've had this gift for 15 years now and it has served good and bad purposes. I could see people's lives through my dreams. After a series of episodes, the person dies mysteriously. When it started, my dad had taken me to his distant cousin who was a herbalist. His cousin said I was a god who had reincarnated as a child. He said my gift was rare and my parents had to keep me safe so that the will of the supreme gods would come true. What was the will of the supreme god? He didn't say. One day, I had a dream about the herbalist's pregnant wife, his wife had been unable to conceive for 20 years, when she finally did, the whole herbalist held a two days feast in celebration of the new addition to his family. I refused to tell my parents about the dream, I was scared so I kept it a secret, the dreams kept coming and eventually, the herbalist's wife and her baby died mysteriously.

The villagers went wild. In order to protect us, my father sent my mother and I to an uncle who lived very far away, while he stayed back to hold off the angry mob. I never heard from him again, my mother said he died protecting us. At my uncle's house, my mother gave birth to Katty and died a few months after. We stayed with my uncle for 2 years before the people in that community discovered who I was and forced us to relocate. "Aren't you going to school today?", I asked Katty, "it's late already and I'm not in the mood, I just want Lily to be okay", she said sadly. "Lily will be fine, we are going to pray for her and she's going to be perfectly okay" I said, giving her a hug, she smiled and took out my hand, "promise me you will never leave me", I hugged her and said, "I promise". I stood up, took my bath and got ready for work. "Hi Zee", Miss May said as she opened the door, "come in" she said smiling, I walked in and walked straight into her kitchen, she came in behind me and handed me a list. "I think that will do, just make enough to last for the weekend and don't make it too spicy", "okay Miss May" I replied, getting the list from her, "put the keys in the flowerpot when you're leaving" Miss May said shutting the door behind her. I quickly picked up the grocery bag and headed to a market nearby. On my way back, I found Lilly and Kitty outside Miss May's apartment, "what are you two doing here?, I asked, pushing them inside the house to avoid being seen, "I was hungry and decided to come over to help" Katty said. She and Lily helped me take the groceries to the kitchen and I began cooking immediately.

After eating, we cleaned the house and went home. The pay wasn't really good but it was enough, I could buy Lily's books and pay for rent. On getting home, Mr. Bass was waiting outside my door, he didn't really like me much and I guess it's because I owed him rent a lot, he scolded Lily and warned me to stop taking his child out without his permission, I tried to explain to Mr. Bass that Lily came with Katty willingly but he refused to listen as he snatched Lily's hand from mine and walked back to his apartment. It rained heavily that night and I tried not to sleep. I walked to the kitchen, made myself a cup of coffee and attempted to write a short story for Katty. She loved reading these stories before going to bed so I made sure to update them so she wouldn't run out of stories. After writing the story, I washed a few dirty clothes and cleaned the house. It was already morning when I finished up so I took more coffee, had my bath, dropped Katty off at school and went in search of a second job. Since Miss May wasn't gonna need my services for the weekend, I needed something to hold on to.

I soon found a vacancy poster in front of what seemed to be an office building. I walked into the reception and made enquiries about the job. The receptionist directed me to the head chef's office and after a brief interview and a cooking test, I was offered a job. "Here's your uniform, you're to start tomorrow" the head chef said, I thanked her and went home. "Come come, see!" Katty said pushing me to the living room, "what's that!" I exclaimed. I don't know, I just, Lily and I painted it and before we knew it, it began to move, "what are you saying Katty?" I asked, picking up the badly drawn, now living rat. I was curious! I quickly brought out more papers and asked both girls to draw separately. Lily said she was not really good at drawing but she could try painting something out, while Katty did a rough sketch of a dog.

After they finished drawing, I placed both drawings side by side and we sat back for a bit to watch which one would come to life. Few minutes after Katty's dog began moving and jumped out of the picture, the kids ran away in fear. I walked up to the transparent dog and picked it up. Today was indeed a good day. When it was midnight, I woke Katty up, "hey, get up, come with me to the rooftop", she obeyed. When we got there, I looked up at the sky. It shone brightly as beautiful stars adorned it. I took off my shoes and showed her a birthmark that looked like a star, I took off hers and showed her the same. "I don't know what we are or who we are, but I've got you. You're the one who brings good luck and sunshine Katty and I promise to stand by you till the end", "What do I do now Zee?" Katty asked looking confused, "you have control over your powers, you decide what you want to bring to life, I don't decide mine. So I suggest you use it wisely". That night I had another horrifying dream about Lily. She was running away from a bunch of aliens who needed her hair to power their spaceship. When she realized she had little hair left and it was killing her, she decided to run away from the facility they held her in.

I stood there watching and praying they wouldn't find her, as I wasn't permitted to alter the events in the dream. I woke up really late the next day, Katty came to my room crying. "What's wrong?" I asked trying to get up, "it's Lily, she's not waking up Zee, help me please!" I ran over to Mr. Bass's house and found everyone in a pensive mood, Mr Bass was at the back drinking and smoking. I walked over to where Lily laid and wished I could help her. Then an idea struck and I ran back to Katty who was crying her eyes out in the living room, "what if you draw her back to life?", "What?!", " You heard me", "But I'm not that good Zee, and what if I mess up", "look Katty, this is the only way you can get your bestfriend back, let's just try". "I ran to the back of the house and brought out a large strawboard, "here", I said placing the board on the floor, Katty wiped her tears, picked up her pencil and went to work, she had a picture of Lily in her hand and tried as much as possible to get everything right. After about 5 hours of drawing and painting, we put the drawing aside to watch if it will come to life, about an hour passed and nothing happened, Katty began crying, I had tears in my eyes too, I gave Katty a hug and went to the kitchen to make lunch for her, when I heard a scream from the seating room and a loud thud, I abandoned my cooking and ran to the living room.

Lily was alive! Although she didn't know we were, we told her she was our kid sister and that her name was Lily. Katty and I agreed not to let Lily out of the house since her parents just lived next door and will be alarmed to see her alive. Also, if they found out about our abilities, Mr. Bass will definitely send us packing. So we decided to keep Lily a secret. Months passed and life went on normally, the dreams had stopped and I was doing really well at my two jobs. Katty was happy, Mr. Bass and his family were recovering, everything just went on fine, not until later that night when I dreamt about Katty!!!!, I was terrified, I cried bitterly. The next morning, I went to her room to check on her. She seemed cheerful as always and welcomed me when she saw me. "Are you busy?", I asked, "no, is there a problem?" Katty asked, looking concerned. I took her hand in mine and said, "I need to go away for sometime" I said with tears in my eyes, "why?, What is wrong Zee?", "I'll tell you when I return, for now I need you to stay indoors, there is enough foodstuffs to last you for as long as you wish", I also handed some money to her. Stay safe okay?, I need to sort something out. I went into my room to change my clothes, Katty and Lily stood by the door watching me pack up, I walked to the door, gave her a kiss on her forehead and walked out the door. I had called my uncle earlier, the one who helped us escape, so he agreed to meet me at a neutral point. I gave him the address to our house and told him to take care of Katty. He hugged me for a really long time. When we parted ways, I walked to a beach nearby to watch the ocean and after sometime, I stood up and walked into the water, I kept walking until I was deep into the water and drown.


This is entirely a work of fiction, thanks for reading


This is an awesome fictional story,i enjoyed reading all of the story,i think it will not actually be a bad idea if you write a book,don't you think so??

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