Justice For Sure

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It was a sunny afternoon, I had just written my final exam for the term and was patiently waiting for my driver to pick me up from school. Soon my class teacher approached me with a smile and pointed outside, I easily spotted LeBron, my driver. You couldn't miss him in a crowd, he was huge and also loved wearing really bright colors. I jumped up happily, grabbed my school bag and ran to him. I gave him a kick on the leg then ran towards the car while he ran after me. When we got home, there were so many cars parked outside, "Is there a party?" I asked LeBron, he just shrugged. We walked into the house and immediately an armed man grabbed
me while another pointed a gun at LeBron when he attempted to get me back. "No!, Leave her out of this; she is just a child!" My dad yelled, I was confused, "what is going on daddy?", "It's going to be okay honey" my dad said.

There were a total of 5 heavily armed men, my dad pleaded for a long time then decided to come to an agreement with them. The one who seemed to be the boss finally turned his chair around, he was extremely dark and ugly, he had a long goatee and a bald head, "Marka, name your price, I will give you whatever you want, just leave my family out of this, please, I am the one who owes you, we can discuss this and come to a reasonable conclusion", Marka smiled, "I gave you 2 years Sam, 2 long, beautiful years", "I know, I am sorry, but we can work something out". My dad said amidst tears, "just leave my family out of this, release them, let them leave the premises and we can come to an agreement". Marka smiled, "well I might want a little something, something I've always wanted right from the start" he said walking towards my mom, "No, come on man, please anything else, please", "I have made my decision" Marka said and returned to his seat. My dad refused and Marka pushed my mom off the window of our 3 storey building mansion, "Mom!!!!!!!" I bit the armed man who was holding me and attempted to run towards the window when another one caught me. "mom!!!!", I kicked and punched the armed man who held me, spat on him and rained abuses at him. "Feisty, I like this one", Marka said, smiling at my dad. I could see my dad fuming with rage, his fair skin tone had changed to a pale pink, he was tied to a chair so all he could say was, "son of a bitch!".


I wanted to beat Marka up so bad, I couldn't contain the way I felt, I felt anger, pain, frustration!, I wanted to fight, I wanted to tear apart this monster who had just sent my mom to an early grave. "Okay, mourning is over, go in there and get me my money else you're gonna lose another one", he said pointing a gun at me, one of the armed men untied my dad and followed him into the room. Soon, gunshots were heard, another armed man ran in and we heard another gunshot, Marka was alarmed and he stood up to go handle the situation, just as dad was about to make his way out, he was shot dead by Marka, I was devastated, I ran towards my dad and shook him vigorously, yelling at him to come back, then I overheard Marka telling one of his men to get rid of me while he went away with LeBron and the briefcase my dad came out with.

I kept slapping and pinching myself, this was a nightmare, why would life do this to me, I wiped my tears, turned around and approached the man who was assigned to take me out, I looked him straight in the eyes and said "you better make sure I'm dead". I woke up with a very severe headache and my vision was blurry, I tried to get up but I was restrained by cuffs binding me to the bed, I started yelling and a young boy of about my age ran in, then ran back out calling out for his mother, few minutes later he returned with her and she asked how I was feeling. "I am fine, where am I? Take me back home!", She came closer, sat on the bed and smiled at me, she told me I was safer here and that she didn't even know where my home was, she had gone to fish with his son when she found me lying on a river bank, I had drowned and also had a big cut on my head, since she was a doctor, she quickly gave me a first aid treatment then took me back home to give me proper medical attention.

She said that from her examination, someone had hit my head really hard then thrown me into the river to drown, that I am lucky to still have my memory. She assured me I was safe and told me to relax while she brought my food. Minutes later she came back with a bowl of pepper soup, I loved pepper soup! How did she know this?, I smiled when I saw her coming with it and she could tell I liked it, "you like it?", "Yes", I said grinning, she laughed and put the bowl down. Before taking off my cuffs, she assured me I was safe with her and I shouldn't make any attempts to escape as it would be detrimental to my health and also, I wouldn't know if the person who tried to kill me was close by. She took off the cuffs and I hungrily devoured the pepper soup. It was past 8pm, She gave me some injections and told me to rest, soon I fell asleep. I woke up after a series of nightmares and I just stared at the fan up the ceiling. I saw my mom hitting the floor and her body splattering. I couldn't get that image out of my head, it felt so real, I couldn't imagine a death more painful. In the morning, Miss.

Ann Peter came to check on me. I could see her clearly now. She was a tall beautiful woman with pretty dark skin. She walked in with a box of medicine and my breakfast. "So how're you feeling now?" She asked, putting her hand on my head. "My head hurts terribly" I responded, "what is your name?" She asked as she checked my temperature and proceeded with the injections, "I am Judith Sam" I said. She smiled and said, "well Judith, you look better today, you will be fine soon." I ate my breakfast quickly and afterwards, she took me to the bathroom, cleaned my cuts, put a fresh band-aid on it and proceeded to give me a warm bath. I had stayed with them for over a month and I was getting better. She treated me really nicely and her son, Andre, was more like my best friend. We played all sorts of games together and living with them was really fun. 3 months later when school was in session, she enrolled Andre and I in the same school, Andre and I were science majors so we sat together in class, Andre was really smart, he participated in a lot of competitions and won several prizes for the school, he was really popular and always had someone who needed his help with one subject or the other, being the sister to this genius also made me popular as girls who wanted his attention mostly wanted to go through me, showering me with gifts and trying to befriend me.

"You do know that Stacy girl really likes you though", I said one day as we were walking out of the school premises towards Miss. Ann's car. He smiled and responded "I guess she does but I don't really like girls so I am not interested", "I am a girl", "you are different, you're my guy", I slapped his head then ran into the car. "Hi, Miss Ann", "Hi mom", "How was school today?" Miss Ann asked, "it was great, can we get ice cream please?" I asked, she smiled and agreed. In 2 years time, Dre and I graduated from secondary school. He was the class valedictorian and Miss Ann was so proud of us, Dre had scholarship offers from different universities and I just decided to stay back home for sometime, and maybe get a job. Miss Ann was not pleased with my decision but finally gave in after a series of convincing. I soon got a job at an italian restaurant just few streets away from our house, every morning, Andre would drop me off and pick me up later at night, I loved the job, the people who came by to eat were mostly really rich so we were given really nice tips, everything was going on very smoothly at work. Back at home, Andre had to go back to school, he was offered admission into Cambridge University, we threw a little send off party and invited few of our friends, weeks later, we bid him farewell at the airport, it was an emotional moment, my best friend was going away for a really long time, we hugged and cried. He promised to keep in touch and call whenever he could.

I woke up and exercised a little bit, got dressed and waited for Miss Ann to drop me off at work. "Stay out of trouble okay?", "I'll try" I said waving as she drove away. When I got into the restaurant, I quickly changed up and got to work, everything was going smoothly untill a costumer walked in, he walked right to me and asked for a plate of jollof rice with chicken, I quickly recognized him! He was one of the men who killed my parents, I got a hold of myself and served him his meal. While he was eating another man walked in, it was Marka! What a small world, what were they doing here?! As soon as I saw them I felt a strong urge to get revenge, I wanted them to pay for everything they did to my family, so I quickly went to the bathroom and phoned Dre. "Hey so soon? You miss me that much?" Dre said laughing, "shut up, you wish, I want to track someone, how can I do that?" I asked. "Well the easiest way will be with a pill tracker, it can only be activated once swallowed, probably put it in the person's drink", "well how can I get it? I need it immediately!" I said, "woah woah, chill, okay you know what, I'm gonna call up someone right now, he'll get them to you within 10 minutes, is that okay?", "Yes it is, thank you so much Dre". I ended the call and went back to my duty post, in 15 minutes, a number called me and told me he had dropped 3 pills on top of the trash can at the back, I had to go get it now since he was leaving, I quickly went out the back and got the pills, coincidentally, Marka
and his right hand man who was called Skipper ordered for another glass of drink, I was excited, I slipped the pills into the drinks and served them smilingly, I went back to my duty post and watched them gulp it down.


That night I set up my computer and I could see their location, it was a hotel at the other side of town, I quickly picked up Miss Ann's car keys and drove over to the hotel, I lurked around pretty long to find out why they were there and that they were unguarded, it seemed they had just come there for a vacation. I quickly went back home, changed up and went back to the hotel's club. As I predicted, they were there in the VIP section, so i sat where they would notice and danced seductively, frequently making eye contacts. Soon, one of Marka's boys came up to me, whispered in my ears and pointed towards Marka's direction then handed me a note and a card, I read the content and smiled. After about 30 minutes, I stood up and walked towards the reception, I asked for directions to the hotel room and showed the card as proof that I was called. When I got to the room, Marka was already in his bathrobe waiting for me, I excused myself, went into the bathroom and took out the gun and penknife I had stolen from Miss Ann's safe, I said a little prayer, fixed them back properly under my skirt and walked back into the bedroom, I started by cuffing both of his hands to the bed, he was excited, I danced for a bit then gave him a nice massage, when it became really painful and he began to suspect my intentions, he attempted to break free and scream for help but I gagged him. Then with the penknife, I cut his wrists and ankles and just as I had finished dressing up, Skipper barged in, I gave him two shots on his chest and hastened Marka's death with two shots on his head, then I jumped out of the window, I ran as fast as I could, got to where I parked my car few metres away from the hotel and speed it off. I smiled, amidst tears, I had given my parents justice for sure.

This Is Entirely A Work Of Fiction, Hope You Enjoyed It