Paper Crafts: Tree Branch Wall Art.

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I hope you're having a great day.

After decorated a column with paper hearts, I was looking for some more awesome ideas that I can use on some other walls. Then I've found a fantastic idea from youtube and I started working on that. This time I've set a big tree full of flowers on the wall.


  • I got the idea from here.

Both of us (I and my wife) liked this idea so we started working on it together where my wife helped me a lot.

Necessary items


  • Paper
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Scale (not compulsory)
    and a piece of wall which is more than compulsory.

After searching for a good spot for some time, both of us decided to do this on the wall right beside the column where we did the paper hearts.


Generally, I cropped those papers in the size that I needed and my wife glued them for me, and then I attached em on the wall until it looked like a part of a tree.


This is the outcome of the tree where I had to use around 9/10 black colored papers and I had to work a lot for this one as it needed so many pieces of so many sizes.


Then it's time to make some nice flowers that will look like 3D and in the video from where I got the idea, they used two colored papers for flowers but I used four colored A4 size papers.


I cropped four papers and each into 4 parts.


Then I had to fold the paper just as you can see in the above photo and I had to make it square and then I did the same with every color and every piece and I got 80 pieces of the square sized paper.


Then I had to fold those pieces twice and then I had to crop each piece which turned into a flower shape and then I had to squeeze all those flower shape papers with a tiny stick to make them look like 3D.


This is the outcome where I finally got 80 flowers of 4 colors. I wish they were big in size.


Well, Then with the help of my wife, I started attaching them to the tree one after another.


Then finally, I got this and I think the size of those flowers is smaller than it needed although I still like it and maybe I will add some more flowers later to make it looks better.

What do you think about it?

"The End"

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I would leave it like that, no more flowers are needed, it looks sophisticated and elegant, very good job

Thanks a lot for your positive feedback.
I think I'll leave it like that then.

Such beautiful work on the walls is truly a very remarkable work😍😍

Thanks a lot for your fantastic comment, bro.
much appreciated.

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@rehan12, thank you bro.
I hope you really liked it.

Yep, bro. I am used to seeing this in my house as well coz of my sister. I know how much time consuming it is as well. Nicely done.

Nice craft work.

Thanks, bro.
It was kinda hard for me but I could do it at last.