It's Called "Bachelor's Meal" | My Special Recipe of the Simplest Meal Ever.

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I hope you're having a great day.

Welcome back to my blog where I'm going to talk about bachelor's meal and gonna show my special recipe of the simplest meal ever.


  • Yeah, this is the meal I was talking about and it's meal consists of egg fry, rice, and vegetable.

After living the life of a bachelor alone for quite a long time, I've found out the special recipe of the simplest meal which is egg fry with rice and vegetable. Normally it takes time to cook a dish and sometimes it takes a lot of time. But there is some situation when you don't get that lots of time to cook and I think this meal is the perfect fit for such situations and believe me, I walked on that path for more than you can count on.

I'm familiar with this meal from before I was a complete bachelor, from the moment when I lived with a family (which is not my family anymore and maybe it was not ever) as I couldn't get nice foods always especially after my grandma died so I used to fry an egg and then I made this simple and easy meal for me and actually I only could make this meal. And then when I moved to live alone, living a bachelors life... this meal came so handily when I felt tired or when I didn't have much time to cook something nice or when I didn't know how to cook something nice... well that's a long story and maybe I'll talk about them someday.

Here, my point is that... this is the simplest and easiest meal that you can ever found, in my sense. And I made this meal today once again as my wife was feeling sick so it was kind of my responsibility to make something and this is the easiest thing I could do.

  • Let's check my recipe with something special in the formula.

Ingredients (For the egg fry)


  • Egg
  • Onion
  • Green Chili Pepper

  • Ginger Paste
  • Green Coriander

Cooking Process (For the egg fry)


  • Added and mixed all the ingredients in a single bowl.
  • Most peoples finish this process with only onion and green chili pepper and here's my special recipe where I add ginger paste and green coriander that just takes the taste of the egg fry to another level. And the smell of the egg becomes too good that anyone taking the smell would go crazy to eat it.


  • After I mixed them, I separated the mixture into two bowls as I wished to fry to eggs and I'm not good with frying two at once as it get's messy on the cooker.


  • Then I started frying the egg one by another with the hot cooker on the hot oil. I normally don't mess up at this moment every time but I messed it up this time. When I was flipping the egg, it got broken and it got messed up... for both the eggs.


  • With hot rice and some salad, it became a fantastic meal, believe me.

You may and should try this meal (1) whenever you don't have lots of time to cook something nice (2) If you're a bachelor (3) If you don't like the usual food anymore etc and to the infinity.

"The End"

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Hello friend @ashikstd good afternoon
This plate of bachelor food is great, I also ate a lot of fried eggs and breaded bachelorette
This dish looks very delicious, I appreciate that you let us know the recipe.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon and a happy rest

Hello dear friend.
Thanks a lot for stopping by on my blog and for your opinion.
It's nice to know that yoy also tasted this food.
I'm appreciating your feedback.
Take care.

Looks good. We have here also something similar. I use everything you mention except ginger paste. Ginger is not used much in our country. 😎 👏

You should use the ginger paste sometime.
Do it if you can for once at lease and I hope you'll not regret it.
That paste makes the egg fry far better.
Thanks for stopping by on my blog.