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Very rarely have my crypto predictions turned true, Splinterlands being one of the very few exceptions if not the only one. How so? Well, for you to understand where I'm coming from, allow me to recap my journey from when and how it started.

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Quality Time
with The
Golden Goose:

Back in 2018 around the month of May when I was still a newbie, I'd already started doubting my future in the cryptosphere and more specifically, on steem.

At the time and even now, my payouts weren't impressive as they rarely reached the 1 STU mark. Gathering topics to write about was getting harder and harder and I knew it was only a matter of time until writer's block would become the norm. Still, I wanted to keep consistently earning some sweet cryptos but hadn't figured out how quite yet.

I had actually been looking into other avenues weeks before the game's inception was announced. After the announcement had been made it didn't take long for me to make my decision.

I mean, it made sense. Though mostly through Playstation, I used to be a gamer. If it all worked out then I wouldn't have to rely only on my writing to fatten my wallet, and blockchain was/is still projected to disrupt the gaming industry. And I sure wouldn't mind a front row seat as we set for new digital era, so my train of thought went.

Plus even back then albeit being a newb, I already knew yabapamatt and aggroed were some serious, popular, respected and workaholics who carried some weight on the chain so odds were that their project would get enough backing.

No more due diligence needed, I went all in! I started using almost all my earnings to purchase booster packs, individual cards and partaking in as many contests as I could.

Slowly by slow my collection was starting to take shape, and slowly by slowly I kept up with the stacking process and continued even with the ENG tokens when they eventually came around.

I miss the orbs by the way. I miss going on shopping sprees because of them.

Unexpected Addiction:

To be honest at first I didn't think I would be this addicted to spl since although I've always loved strategy based games, I always more or less knew when to stop, and never got as emotional as with Spl, whether in the highs or lows. Though I guess since money is involved it just ups the ante even more.

Once I get started it's hard to stop even when I've already reached my daily or even seasonal goal, so much so that my ECR gets below 15% at least once a season. Now that's dedication.

Speaking of overtime, I actually remember struggling so hard to reach the 1900s in ratings for a few season. The same goes for every other milestone at which point I always thought that I'd reached way further than I could have anticipated and that for that reason I should settle.

But like clockwork, I would just as quickly start aiming for the next level, and accordingly building up my arsenal even more.

Heck, even as far as recently as March this year I was celebrating reaching Diamond II. Yet here we are now, your boy has finished in Champion I the last 3 seasons and is almost getting too used to the feeling.

Time sure has been moving fast and yet all of the above struggles and feats feel like they just happened yesterday.

Exponential Stake Increase

My Journey into crypto started with steem in January 2018. By April or May of last year I was sitting on 150-200 Steem Power, I remember this very vividly since it's when SPUD started and when I started really caring about my stake on the chain. Fast forward 15 months and one hard fork later and I'm sitting pretty on 1065 Hive Power.

And do you know where at least 80% of that stake increase came from? Indeed, it's the Splinterlands ecosystem! P.S: This also applies to the ENG tokens I was and/or still am involved in. Guess that's that full circle effect I always hear about.

Yup, Whether it was through burning, selling or blogging about it's lifestyle, time and time again splinterlands has proven itself to be the gift that keeps on giving, the golden goose if you will.

My Best Season:

Okay, this one is very tricky but a few come to mind. There is one from 3 or 4 months ago when I reached Champion III for the first time, there is one a month and a half ago when I reached Champion I for the first time.

It could also be the one in April this year when I pulled my very first GFL or just as likely, last season since not only did I finish in Champion I but I also pulled another GFL!

😂😂 Sorry dudes, the more I think about it the more unique seasons come to mind and picking my favorite is proving to be harder than I expected. But if I really really have to choose, I'd go with when I pulled my first GFL since I had practically come to terms with the fact I'd never get one, and was proven wrong

Been Sold, Sweet Memory Still.


So yeah, contrary to most tokens that I've rooted for over the years, splinterlands is one of the very few to have not burned. It actually has surpassed my expectations and somehow still manages to do so.

And that doesn't just apply to the gameplay or the sweet dividends, it also applies to the community. So rare it is to see a community in which the competitive nature and the helpfulness mindset of the members match so well. Bloody messes on the battlefield, cheers and tips at the tavern later on.

Safe to say I backed the right horse when I got involved in the Splinterlands universe. The irony of it all, is the fact that the Splinterlands ecosystem has been my muse numerous times when it comes to creating content, one of them being this battle verse I posted on Monday.

Hehehe. And that's why splinterlands remains the golden goose! Anyways, cheers for passing by, until next time;


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