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Neighborhood is the place that we are surrounded with and its like another home for us. Today in this post I am going to share some photos of my neighbourhood.

Currently I am at native place in India and its a village. I like my village because here I get peace of mind and authentic natural resources and relaxed life experience. My organization has provided work from home option so ai moved here last month and here I am having the best time alongwith my parents and old friends.

This is view of the road that leads to my village and bike the most used vehicle for me. Although I walk a lot here but if I don't walk then I use motorcycle to roam around.


This road is not wide like highways but it's surrounded by beautiful green trees and plants which makes it wo beautiful.


Village is incomplete without fields so here I am sharing the photos of the farms and life is dependent on this. Here's also a farmhouse that's like another home where I spend many hours everyday.


This is the tubewell that's use to water farms and crops when its not raining.


This is the view from my roof and this view is awesome. In cities I keep on looking to experience nature and whenever I get chance then I capture it through my phone camera but these days here I am getting an amazing view of nature everyday and its possible only in the village.


I just love village and after looking at this photo so don't think that I need to provide the reason. Beautiful sky and green tree is just the fantastic combination to make this photo superb.


In every neighborhood its not that just people matters but place is even more important and it adds up an important part to have wonderful neighborhood.


No matter what palce you live in but the surrounded places are our part of life. We can't ignore our neighborhood and I think we should feel happy and proud of whatever we have around us. I live in city and frequently visit my village and at both the places I enjoy neighborhood.
I enjoy the neighborhood in city but I enjoy more of the neighborhood at my native place.

This is my first ever participation in the contest by @BDCommunity and huge thanks to team for this nice contest.

Thank you so much

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