Enough of just surviving, you need to start living!

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Usually, I like to talk about motivations, and many times I simply find myself writing stuff that I think might be helpful to the people that surround me. I do hope it meets your expectation.

“The roads we travel on every day aren’t what they used to be anymore.”

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You have to get used to things changing and never going back to the way it was before. And don't get me started on how surviving the year 2020 was a huge feat. Surely, there were so many people out there who wished and are still wishing that things turn out different, but reality doesn’t just stop being reality simply because we wish it away, or does it?

Some people even had it worse than what you complain of. If only you are attentive and observant then you'd learn to appreciate the little things that flipped in your favour and pray even so for things that didn't work out.

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Times like this are supposed to shape us, make us even stronger, and help us discover. Discover that our minds are our bounds and they decide our limits. No amount of damage caused by viruses or pandemics can amount to a quarter of what we do to ourselves when we dwell in so much negativity.

When the mind is afflicted, other elements that make us human are deprived. And in that moment of weakness, you don’t get better unless you take the bold step and make a factory reset. Start by planting a seed of positivity and growing it into a tree of mindsets that go deeper in its root, unshaken even in the face of life storms.

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You also need to watch out for yourself all the time, especially when you start to feel too comfortable with things staying the same or finding yourself doing absolutely nothing every single passing day. You can't fold arms and hope to harvest where you never planted.

Get going. Find something doing and pour out your soul trying to make the best out of it. It may not look big now or attractive in any way, and perhaps it feels like it's no way near what people will take seriously or at any time be valued, but guess what? So is every great dream. Every great innovation. Every great invention. They are never taken seriously at first and it all started from an idea that most probably sounded silly or stupid, and they become goods of value and necessities a couple of years later. It's no wonder such persons are called visionaries. They saw what no one else saw and at a time when no one else was paying attention.

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Change won't wait for you and time won't either. That’s why you need to be prepared so that when the opportunities come knocking you aren’t caught unawares. You've got to fire up and master that momentum you need to evolve. That’s right! You need to evolve.

Do you know what adversity does? It exposes how bad you truly want something. Not just by word of mouth but by the amount of effort you put into making it possible even when odds don't seem to play out in your favour.

Never stop believing. There's always a reward for an act of belief. You can only do so much for something you strongly believe in and it will always pay off. When you put in the work, with so much dedication and commitment, your dreams will take form and manifest.

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You can’t shape the world if you can’t change yourself. The world will change itself if every individual does their part and makes an intentional effort every day to become better versions of their past selves. That positive change we all desire can’t be done by one person, it doesn’t work that way. We have to strive and contribute our own quota towards making that change. Long-lasting change is often an effort of the collective, a shared responsibility.

Truth is, it’s way too easy for the flaws of one person to get singled out and pointed at while the rest of us hide away from an aggressive reflection of our true selves. This is a new year, 2020 is gone and it’s never coming back. However, some of the negativities still linger, a threat to progress and development. Never let it bring out the worst in you. If you should allow it, then 2020 wins and all the sacrifices you made in the past year would have meant nothing.

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Evolve. Do better. Be intentional. Be better. Strive harder. Work smarter. Chase after fulfilment.

Failure is only a part of the journey, don't make it your destination. Never settle for less, especially if you aim at being the greatest you possible. Success is beautiful but it's not all that matter in the end. Fulfilment is the goal. That way, you'd have eliminated regrets completely from every equations of your life.

This year shouldn’t just be about you surviving, start living!

Written and Edited
By @aduragbemi
Erinkitola A. Aduragbemi

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I must admit, it's a little tricky trying to create some contents that fit in at least one of the many communities, having been off the steemit blockchain for quite some time now. Yeah, it was difficult but I am glad that I finally found my way back here.



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