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Hi fellow DIY fans,

Today I got to expose our son to some more fun DIY stuff, this time a simple windshield wiper blade change.


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Always Learning

So one of the things that I try to do with our son as my regular readers know is to have him help me on whatever DIY task I am currently doing. This has many benefits for both him and I in the long run. The latest one isn't as cool as others but it's still important: windshield wiper blades!

We thankfully can't complain about anything with this one. These were the original windshield wiper blades when we bought the car a few years ago lol. I'm incredibly shocked that they lasted as long as they did! They are completely dead though, so I knew we had to replace them. Thankfully it was a pretty nice day out yesterday so we didn't have to wear all kinds of layers when we were making the change and it was great because the next morning (which was today) it was snowing and I needed to go out, thankfully swapped the shitty blades! I know some people that don't even know how to change a windshield wiper blade, as sad as that is. I know that I will try as hard as I can to ensure our son doesn't end up in that boat!

One thing I don't really love about cars that aren't American made is small jobs like this are more complicated for some reason. All of my American brand cars are super simple with things like this but our Subaru was a bit of a pain. Acceptable issue, just can't figure out why companies make it more difficult than it needs to be lol.


The rear one was easier than the front and the better part of it was that it was within full reach for our son so he got to help me with more than just handing me the parts before he got bored and wanted to dig in the snow. He helped me snap it on and off he went! He hasn't helped me change these before so it was interesting for him for a little while until he realized we didn't need any tools to do it, then he was satisfied and off he went. Thankfully the pieces could be pre-assembled before trying to put it onto the blade arm, this one was a bit of a challenge until I figured out what piece goes on first.


I struggled on the front wiper blade for a good 10 minutes thinking I knew how to do it when I said forget it and broke down to read that pesky piece of paper the manufacturer insists they provide you. You know, the directions..

These directions cracked me up, they seem to insult you by showing you in the first picture "just lift the piece up, it's so easy that even a toddler can do it! Come on bro, you weak??? Take it off. Haha you are weak, you can't get it off!"

Yeah the stupid piece was absolutely not that easy to take off, let me tell you lol. I thankfully got it off without breaking the thing, thankfully. Wiper blade was 30$! I hope this one lasts as long as the one did that we got with the car lol.


A bit of a shorter one but still important, I think! We need to all try to show our little ones that doing things for ourselves is important and can be very easy!

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I'll agree that wiper blades on Subarus are unnecessarily complex, but they're also the only car I've ever seen with a spin-off transmission filter, so I don't know that it's fair to characterize them as more complex than American cars. My last one I could change the oil, transmission fluid, air filter, and fuel filter, all with a phillips screwdriver and a 14mm wrench, without even jacking up the car. America has never made a car with an easy to change transmission filter.

Yeah doing some of the other stuff on the car is pretty easy. I haven't gotten to the transmission yet, cars only got 30k miles on it. The rear diff was pretty easy to change that fluid though! I'm due to change that in the spring when things warm up more, I'll change the front as well. I think I skipped the front last time for some reason, time maybe? Our son was still small so I didn't want to leave the wife alone with him more than I already did for work lol.

Thanks for stopping by man!

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