Did you get the memo?

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If you are like the thousands of other people on Steem, you likely saw this memo today and wondered wtf was going on.

As you probably know, I spend a large amount of time finding and fighting abuse. This is never a rewarding experience and comes with a lot of drama.

I have had various responses to flagging spam, from death threats, threats on my family, verbal harassment, FBI has been contacted multiple times, spam, spam to everyone who responds to my post, and things similar to the above memo.

I'm pretty sure I know who is behind this message but until I am 100% sure, I will just leave it at that.

The irony of the message is kind of comical, If you don't remove your vote for this person who downvoted me, I will downvote you.

If needed, I will counter the downvotes.

If you don't want confrontation and are nervous about getting downvoted you are free to unvote me and I won't hold it against you.

A few have spoken up said how they felt.

Why you should vote me as witness

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Keep up the good work you are doing here for everyone on the blockchain. People like him being mad mean you are doing something right. Since you have an idea of who it is, send him this for me.


I think @anthonadavisii needs to make people fill this out when peeps come in for flag disputes in SFR.

lol, well he is military also, so I am sure he is familiar with this report.

!giphy hilarious

I was writing a post and planned on including the butthurt report, can I steal it?

I was writing a
Post and planned on including
It, can I steal it?

                 - ladybug146

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

You would have to ask the author of it! I believe the image is in the public domain. I have used it in the past.

Thanks for the info @sgt-dan! I thought so but I wanted to be respectful.

I used to give it to my soldiers in the military when they thought I was being too mean.

They are awesome! I got in trouble for handing one on to a co-worker after I made him cry...I work in the oil and energy industry.

lol, sounds like they deserved it.

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Hi @chronocrypto

I've noticed that that we're both playing Holybread. What's your impression so far?

I play as @project.hope and so far I found this game quite entertaining. Perhaps it will get boring soon, but right now it's still loads of fun :)


This butthurt report is everything <3

Haha :-)

Please note the delegations are P2P and we don’t have the delegators’ keys to be able to undelegate. We can and have blacklisted the user already and we have had this discussion in internal slack that you have the power to blacklist them without waiting for us because we aggregate your blacklist, we have done so for a long time and you know this from when you used to contract to buildteam in the past.

Every social network has it own feel and taste and sound.

This is Steemit:

Right? I hate threats like this. It's one thing if they just want to say "hey I think you should remove the witness votes for these reasons." But ultimately give us the say on whether we decide to do it or not.

I'm not removing my witness vote! Seriously. You earned the vote, You are keeping it.

Yes I did see that! If I'm not mistaken, didn't this actually improve your witness ranking? I swear I saw you go from #8 to #3? I think some smaller SP holders did unvote but I think you also got some new votes as well. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

I'll risk the downvotes. :)

not worried.

Same here

Hey @themarkymark! You can thanks @themilkymark for 2 new Witness votes from my other accounts :p


Awesome post @markymark I have always and will continue voting for you as witness , I will never bow down to bullies nor should anyone else! @derangedvisions had a awesome posting about this earlier with some great comments and discussion. Abuse must not be tolerated or else we have Chaos! Keep up the great work my friend! I feel for you and all the crap you must endure for what you do...✌👌
You have had my vote from the start! Upped and resteemed

Same here. Not going to let a bully control me. We stand together and create a wall, and the bully can't get through. We are stronger together as a community. BRAW! (I've been playing Heroes of Dragon Age which is single battles of PvP style and I just pictured us crushing that bully with our epic powers.)

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Yeah, good laughs. Did I mention you need a shirt that says "downvote freek"? Cause you totally do.

I was keeping an eye on your chain data last night, you have lost some support and I'm surprised that some reacted this way including at least one person I am familiar with.

The return memos were numerous and entertaining. You can be assured I won't be bending over to this wanker.

Yup, i got the memo. Smh, iyayaee! Who's got time for that? Whatever you do....have fun with that!

Given stuff that has gone on before I am not too surprised to get this memo. I've had plenty of people flag me before including haejin. So what if I lose some rewards. It's not like I rely on them. Some people really carry a grudge. There's one who's been sending me insignificant flags for at least a year and another who sends empty threats in memos. I'm sure what you get is far worse as you are more prominent and have done so much more to prevent Steem becoming a proper sewer of shitposts. Others would have given up, so I salute you as a prince among Steemians.

Steem on! Vote for @themarkymark!

Apparently it is a badge of honor to get the memo...

Threatening is always a great way to get folks on your side lolz.

The level of butthurt some people have over such a long period of time can’t be healthy for one’s mental health. It makes you wonder if they had put this much effort into making content and being a productive member of the community what opportunity would have opened up. Instead, they seem hellbent on wasting even more of their time and energy on negativity.

Thanks for everything you do.

Boy...are they gonna be disappointed.

Of course I got the memo! Send him a hurts feeling report to fill out. You do great work keeping the platform clean. Ladies and Gents take out the popcorn! Drama's back

be interesting to see all the funny posts it will generate, like the comments in his wallet :)

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I got the memo too. Minnowbooster doesn't lease out much of their own SP. Instead, contact the delegators directly and ask them to pull delegation early. I've done that once or twice when I was delegation leasing and became aware of the SP being misused.
Yay! More on chain popcorn.

A main reason I vote for you is because you don't hesitate to stand up for yourself and others.
You also make good tools to help fight abuse.
You communicate well.
You also do personal and interesting posts.
I guess it is why I follow you, too (I answered theycallmedan's question so this stuff is on my mind).
Good luck in fighting the good fight.

Ah yes, I got the memo @themarkymark!

I was a little disappointed that there was no prize in the crackerbox, and considered sending back the 0.001 Steem with a complaint and request for my prize. Maybe I'll just write back and say that *everything comes with a price," and my price for removing your witness is 100,000 Steem...

There's already some good discussion going on @derangedvisions earlier post.

Frankly, I appreciate your work and don't envy you the shitstorm you put up with. This place is SO much cleaner than it was, even a year ago. So thanks.

!giphy laughing

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Since I have been here I've seen you do so much for this blockchain and have a thankless job. You deal with a ton of crap man. A lot of Steemians appreciate you and I for one won't be removing any vote for you.

Appreciate you. Keep doing what you are doing!

At least it gave me something to do with my afternoon

I received that memo lol

I saw it too, but took it lightly..
"This too shall pass, and we will all laugh at the joke" 🤓🤓

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A downvote for my posts? Well, at least it won't be a false DMCA notice filed to take down my blog posts. This isn't YouTube.

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Hi @themarkymark

I saw the message from @sultan-aceh about this to me

I checked the memo and also got the message.

here is my answer to @themilkymark

You threaten me and others to remove witness @themarkymark. What you are doing now is completely wrong. Did you think you can scare people with such behavior? You have to think again, don't start this war
If you want to do something about it, you have to write factual posts and not threaten others.
I wonder if @joele knows what you are thinking of doing with the delegate you hired from him. Hope he stops it.

I did my due diligence and I have a good idea who it is that is trolling us, your constituents.

Having you as a witness can be, from my perspective, a real pain in the ass. Having said that, you are supported and loved no matter the consequences. I think I speak for many of us.

Haters gonna hate! Hang in there kiddo. We got your back!

!giphy haters

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Good afternoon @themarkymark !
There is such a thing as Deja Vu, when, it seems to you that you have already passed this, these events are repeated.
This is happening now.
I see a mirror image of the situation that took place several months ago, but, then, the weapon of retaliation, as it sounded in threats, was you, your name.
Let me remind you, then, one of your friends, he positioned himself that way, published a list of bloggers who put him on the ignore list, and if they don’t fix it, your anger will fall upon them with all the strength of your voice.
You know this well, since your name was mentioned in those posts.
Absolutely identical threats, but with a different text. The strength of the action is equal to the strength of the counteraction, perhaps, then, this, very much, offended someone.
I can’t draw conclusions, but, I was on that list, and I remember those threats well.
In a word, the threats, both then and now, are very similar, but they are with a different denominator.

Do you think milky realized how much comedy he generated with those memos? I'm sure it spooked some of the minnows away from the school. Hopefully, they manage to evade the jaws of the predator and return to the school at some point. (Join some communities on steem so you have some friends to talk this sh-t through with.) @crimsonclad has offered to talk with any spooked people on discord to help alleviate any stress this memo may have caused them.

I got the memo too!!! LOL

When you find out who it is, please let us all know because together all your followers and yourself will be able to easily counter his 100k SP I mean we only need 100 people with 1k SP each haha...

Whoever it is needs a life, if you've downvoted him it will be for good reason, and to delegate some SP to try and get back at you is just petty and sad, this person could probably do with finding a GF, but they're probably a simp!

Looks like you really stepped on somebody's toes there. :)
I wrote a buddy yesterday: I feel kind of threatened and blackmailed right now. :)

I got that threat. Yeah, it did freak me out. I'm not removing my witness vote.

This is like the Steem Sopranos ;)
Reveal who it is when your 100%, ok?

Jerks and clowns are great for providing entertainment, and no one can deny they're really good at it. Let's see how long they will last

I sent it back with my own memo.


I just saw. What a bully. Making threats like that. He can go f-off and stick his downvote up his you-know-what so deep it'll stick out his mouth!

I don't take kindly to people who threaten me or my livelihood. Who's the whale in charge of receiving reports from those who abuse again?

Thanks for the heads-up Mark.

It bothers me, it does worry me some, but I will not be controlled by a bully. I am as of now, keeping my witness vote for you. If downvotes are spammy and constant, then I may temporary remove it, but I don't want to let a bully control what I do on Steemit.

Edit: It's @steemclaners.
And here is their link to report abuse. A threat and bullying is abuse.

makes me wanna do exactly the opposite. if i had extra cash i'd power up and vote just to piss him off.

I've been caught in flag and comment wars because I endorsed your calling out someone who was behaving unethically. It was horrible. I survived. I will again.

Thanks @markymark for trying to keep the blockchain ethical

Of course this guy is fucking funny, if he think that can threat people with that kind spam of shit xD
Only I decided for who I cast my vote, so nobody random will tell me what to do.

Thank you.

Isn't there a saying about great leaders often face great opposition? Clearly I forgot.

Look at all this interaction the douchebag has initiated!!!! At least there is a gold lining and probably unintended result of the extortion attempt.

You are doing nice work dear. You are a brave person. Cheers!

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Account was created via dlike. Maybe the curation trail that this account upvotes is a hint to who it is. Someone who is using the same upvote trail is likely to be the same person.

Accounts that delegated to it via dlease are ukk & byzantinehash

Who knew? A community of bad actors.

I was threatened in this fashion as well. I feel I am going to lose my 0.01 SBD payout. Boo hoo. :)

That’s a Sick guy:((

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I'm commenting to see if this person follows through with the threat to downvote :) Btw keeping my themarkymark witness vote .

I too have recieved this memo, ignored it. I don't think such people need to be encouraged. Anyways these days a lot of people are misusing their voting power to downvote for no reasons.

haha, damn this dude is really pushing Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 310 (2010) ruling to its limits ;)

Not gonna lie, one thing that keeps steem so active and lively still is this kind of stuff :D Keep up the good work :D!

LOLZ it does keep it interesting !!!

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The sharing of witness news was originally @jackmiller's idea. That is why I am flagging you. An unoriginal idea you share here!

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I think you missed the sarcasm @cryptonewz

lol, I can't even begin to decipher what the fuck you're trying to say

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