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Welcome to Punday Monday!


Make a pun about the topic of the week,
The topic is Sloth
Here's how to make a pun, if you don't know:


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Pull up a stool, order a spiked PUNch, and get to know some of the regulars. I'm your PUNtender, @improv.

How To Make a Pun

This contest is open to everyone. Here's a handy dandy guide on how to make a pun: Learn to Pun

Rules for the PUN-test:

  • If you hope to win a prize, your pun must be your original work
  • Puns must be relevant to the topic of the week to win a prize, but they can be very loosely related.

Last Week's Punday Monday:

Here is last week's Punday Monday, and all the puns that were eligible to win this week are in the comments!

Entry from @theabsolute, @quinnertronics, @cmplxty

Hang on to your PUNderwear. The Winner of This Week's PUNday Monday Is...


How’s THIS:



Everyone go enjoy all their puns!

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This Week's Pun Topic Is:

As in,
My Uncle, a miner, says they no longer put canaries down there because, well, because they’re so reliable, and the owners want those workers working, not taking care of their health. He, though, is married to my aunt, a zookeeper, who let him borrow the slowest creature she has access to. Why a slow creature? Because he figures, if that passes out, it must be REALLY bad, and the bosses can’t get upset with them for trying to save their own lives at that rate. Anyways, he says this to me at a picnic, and then my mom, who both hates cabbage and capitalism (and animal cruelty) comes over ENRAGED about the coal sloth.

Bada-BING You been punned! See, because coal sloth sounds like coleslaw. You get it.

Awesome joke. Nonetheless, I think you can do better.

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Mr and Mrs Sloth are going out to dinner for their 10th anniversary. "What are you in the mood for, my queen?"

"I'm really in the mood for some amphibian tonight," Mrs. Sloth replied.

"Darling, I was going to say that, but i wanted to let you choose,"said Mr Sloth. "I can still remember our first date, all those years ago. Remember how long it took to pick you up, I'm still so sorry to keep you waiting like that- To Freddie Frogs' we shall go?!"

They sat down at the restaurant and the waiter came they ordered the same thing they have ordered every visit for ten years, the triple toad taco. The tacos were especially good on this night-and it was truly a beautiful evening. The sloths were a prominent couple in their forest neighborhood and everyone cheered for their strong love.

After the meal, the server came and asked if they had any room for dessert and they both said in unison, "No thanks-We are three toad sloths."

When I read the word Queen I thought about the actual queen Elizabeth.

The pun gets even better 😅

Why was the repoman so upset when he had to get the sloth's truck?
He was a three towed sloth

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