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RE: [ENG-ESP] My gifts for Hive this Christmas 🎁 Mis regalos para Hive en Navidad

in Loving HIVE ❤4 months ago

Hello @ambarvegas Oh My God, what a beautiful gift to Hive for this holiday season. If everyone on Hive did the same, what a beautiful platform this would be. Your presence makes it a lot better and nicer with you talents and kindness.

Also your tribute to individuals on Hive who have impacted your journey in some way shows your humbleness and gratitude. Thank you for including me in your thoughts. I truly appreciate it and hope I was able to impart some small item you could take with you on your journey.

I know you will be successful on Hive. Keep up the good work. Have as good a holiday as you can. God Bless you and your family to keep you healthy, in good spirits, and safe.

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