Funny how much we rely on exchanges

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A while back, there used to be an anchor to this blockchain and stellar. It was a decentralized trading solution that made this currencies liquidity not depend on the whims of exchanges. Shame we don't have that any more.

Bittrex is so far is the only exchange I know of that exchanges both HBD and Hive, allowing people to make a buck by decreasing Hives and HBDs volatility and price differences across markets, while keeping HBD value close to the dollar, and hence making Hive a more attractive asset to invest in.

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It's also funny that the prices only jump when the whales splash the waters. Otherwise, it's like a flat sea out there. 😂

oh yea i made like a 1000$ from the last big splash by huobi XDDD

You did much better than me. I only got 200€ because I sold way too soon. 😳

actually i sold early and then converted. the conversion price was 0.157 and back then with sock puppets as witness having a bad price feed the conversion price was very slow to respond, but now without sockpuppets the conversion price rose to 0.4 by the time i finished converting :/

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