The Daily Meme #96!

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A short list of my reading influences:

All free, and available in pdf.

The Iron Heel
Published in 1908.
Predates BNW and 1984 but receives a fraction of the press.

The Science of Survival
If you haven't read this book, do yourself the favor.
It will help you to categorize your thoughts and actions.
Comes with a handy chart to help predict the behaviors of individuals.

The Crowd
This one has been used against you, you should read it to better counter those that use its wisdoms to control you.

That is a very short list of books.
I'd preserve them on the chain, but hw has vetoed that idea.

If you like arcane books, you are in the right place.
Thanks for your support.

We are having a membership drive in these discords, tell your friends.
If you want a voice in the consensus join them, and be one.

Do your part to combat abuse.

Appeal blacklist flags here.

Get your flag reviewed for redemption.

Hive General:
Building the holodeck in 3d VR.
Home to the dankest memes on the planet.

The Pulse:
Alternatives to the groupthinc.

These are public rooms managed by private people for the benefit of everybody using this blockchain.
What they do is voluntary, but openly public.
Don't abuse their willingness to work for the collective for what little we give them, eh?
Without them, none of this exists.

When you go through these rooms catching up on 'the community', be sure to look for the detective, and add your detective, too!


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Hivewatchers has a difficult job, it isn't made easier by some of the personalities associated with it.
I think that may have recently changed.

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They are exhibiting different behaviors.

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Lol, the butterfly is still a caterpillar.