d(EEZ NUTS)live!

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It's def NOT d(ecentralized)live...


Obligatory I used Inspect Element developer tool to create the dlive tweet for comedic effect.

You thought the purge was over? Think again. 🙄

    Of course, dlive couldn't let Twitter have all the censorship infamy. In case you were not aware, the SPLC and ADL are active political entities whose primary function seems to work to malign, misrepresent and ultimately deplatform their opposition. It's been a game they have played for many upon many years.

Do they occasionally have legitimate criticisms?

     I wouldn't doubt it but that doesn't mean we ignore the lies and strawmen they employ to suppress whomever they wish. I've watched quite a few YT channels that these groups have had taken down and it is clearly apparent having consumed the content of individuals they have worked to deplatform such as Stefan Molyneux, James Alsup, Jared Taylor, Vince James (TheRedElephants), Nick Fuentes (America First), and many more. You may disagree with some of these individuals as do I on certain points but should they be silenced or suppressed? Do we trust people to make their own decisions or do we believe others should do that for us?

What will we say when one day the wheel is upon YOU???

     In light of all this censorship, I think it is important for us to work outreach for the Hive blockchain and help each other in doing so. Including my social media links below. May we amplify each others' voices and bring others to a more secure place to build one's social media presence(Hive).

Gab Twitter dtube Minds Youtube


Some are happy to see someone suffer. We need work by helping each other on HIVE.

I've heard them say the blockchain couldn't handle the kind of flow that FB has, at least that was the argument presented back awhile talking about how to draw more people to the blockchain.

:))))) awesome gifs and memes. Made my day. Still a bit fuzzy what dlive actually did, I mean they deplatform youtubers from you youtube or their crappy little platform?
Also does hive have a dedicated livestreaming app now?

Of course crypto has exposed many things like twitter. Government money printing too we can all see what's really going on. See how much money people making off hive?

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Well my investment value has actually dwindled relative to BTC but think the real opportunity is in DHF proposals. The inflation can be difficult to keep up with if onboarding efforts are not keeping up. Of course, gotta have value coming in for the system and remaining for it to be sustainable.

Obvious DYOR / this is not financial advice disclaimer.

I'll look into them

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Abandon hope.

Pretty much...