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Konnichiwa! (Hello) I may not be Japanese but that won't stop me from celebrating Cat Day. Yesterday, February 22, Japan celebrated their National Cat Day.

Japan is known as a country who adores cats. They have tons of cat cafe and even an island dominated by cats. Cats are cute and adorable, and since most Japanese are obsessed with cute or "kawaii" image, adding a cat reference became a standard choice when one wants to look cute. Cat ears, cat tail, cat paws. I haven't been to Japan, but I'm quite certain you'll find girls dress in maids and wearing a cat ear headband somewhere in Akihabara, the weeb heaven in Japan. Of course, why would I ever forget Hello Kitty?

National Cat Day or "Neko no Hi" is celebrated in February 22 for a certain reason. Number 2 in Japan is "ni" which sounds similar to how the Japanese cats sound, "nyan". And so February 22 (2-22 or ni-ni-ni) will be (nyan-nyan-nyan). How cute is that, isn't it?



There are plenty of ways to celebrate the National Cat Day. You can pamper your cat, give them an extra serving of their favorite food, bake cat-shaped foods, go to a cat cafe, adopt a cat, dress as a cat, and a lot more. In my case, I just remembered it last night, so I did a quick drawing of a cat to celebrate it.

The cat I drew is a tuxedo cat, similar to our neighbor's cat who would sneak into our backyard occasionally. She was pregnant a few months ago, I wish she brings her kittens when she visit again. :)

In my drawing, I drew the tuxedo cat biting a whole fish while on her side is a ball of yarn. Both are cat's favorites. I also drew a collar in reference to the other cat visitor in our backyard who used to have a collar with silver studs.

This is a quick drawing and I'm satisfied with how I drew the cat considering that I haven't looked up for any reference and my head feels like exploding from overthinking things (things not cat-related lol).



Medium: Digital (Wacom Intuos Comic)
Program: Clip Studio Paint Debut
Time: 1.5 Hours
Gif made on Photoshop CS6

Here are videos showing Japan's obsession with cats!!


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