Finally Knowing The Name of The Color I Like!

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Color, a form of identity and expression. Just take the LGBT community for example. The rainbow color was chosen because it represents the differences in the LGBT community. Rockstars often wear black while the "kawaii" or cute culture is often associated with light and pastel colors.

Colors can tell something about our personality. But we're not digging deeper about the meaning of colors here, just to remind you. I am here to share to you the name of the color I've likened for a couple of months now. But before I proceed, I'll share to you a short story of about my favorite colors.


Around fifth grade, I have decided that my favorite color would be purple. My bag was even purple back then. However, after some time, one of my classmates mentioned that purple is her favorite too and had a purple bag after a few days. I felt that she was immitating me and I felt irritated. Haha.

On my sixth grade, I switched to an apple green colored backpack. Since I didn't like purple anymore, I looked for another color which I think I would love. It was green, any shade of green.

Green became my favorite color until high school. My bag, watch, most shirts, some notebook, paper bag, were in the shade of green. Obviously, my high school friends that green is my favorite hue.

Came college, I felt that I just want to have something that is easy to pair with many colors and switch to black and grey. But we know black and grey are not colors. They are shades. Black is a shade and grey is a shade of black or white. This shades stick with me until pre-pandemic or until I learned to appreciate the concept of minimalism.

Minimalism usually uses white color but not always. But I guess I never got rid of grey completely because I began liking muted colors, those which are a bit grey-ish. I tend to move away from bright colors because my eyes became sensitive to light. I want something that's neutral and easy for the eyes.

I started to like white (not the bright white screen on the gadget, of course), terracotta, gold, and that muted green color which I don't know what it's called.

Last month, I am having a chat with an online friend and she asked me what colors do I like. (I don't know how we got into that topic.) I told her I can't describe it clearly, although something close to a muted green. Then a few days ago, while watching short Youtube videos, this video played and I knew this was the shade of green I was looking for.

The thumbnail of the video says the color was golden green but in the comments, they say it's sage green. I kind of agree with the comments since it looks a lot like sage green. I searched further and learned that it was named sage because it is identical with the color of sage leaves.

The sage green color brings me a calming vibe while I stare at it. The color looks simple, vintage, yet gorgeous. I think it goes well with white so I am adding it to the color palette of my things in the future. Speaking of color palette, I am ruminating whether to change the color theme of my channel to sage green as well. Yup, I think I will. I've been trying to get this color as background in some of my drawings last year too.


I am ecstatic to know of the color name sage green. (Hex code: BCB88A)

What's your favorite color?


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Ah yes, that does look like the color of my sage plant. It's a nice color. I like green and purple but I'm so indecisive I can't pick which specific shades are my favorite, but most are pleasing to me. Such as the background of your picture (I think that's lilac.) Oh, one specific color that I like is wine color. I don't know if it has a different name. In Spanish it's guindo. That's all I know

Why not have both green and purple? :D
I never thought it was lilac until you mentioned it. I thought it was a shade between pink and violet. hehe
Wine color is nice too.