WATP Special Edition: HBD 104.062 & HIVE 300.711 Raised and Donated to Philippines Red Cross

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Hello #Hive,

A week ago, and based on the suggestion by @ybanezkim26, we posted a #WATP special edition with the sole purpose to raise funds for the victims of typhoons Goni and Vamco.

At the beginning of this months, many Filipino families who were already struggling in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic lost the little they had left. Heavy winds and rain created landslides and extreme floods destroying entire villages and making many people homeless.

We needed to help them and this is why we solicited your help.

Yesterday we received the payouts from our Special Edition as well as from @ybanezkim26 Complimentary Post.

We would like to thank all of you for your upvotes and donations.
Here is the breakdown of the total amount raised (payouts + donations):

#WATP Special Edition Post19.139151.924 (HP)
@ybanezkim26 Complimentary Post14.760117.378 (HP)

HBD 104.062 converted to the local currency is PHP 4,344.59

HIVE 300.711 converted to the local currency is PHP 1,921.54

HIVE Conversion.jpg

So 4,344.59 + 1,921.54 = PHP 6,266.13

Let's round it up and make the total amount to donate to Philippines Red Cross PHP6,500

As you can see on the Philippines Red Cross page, There are several ways to donate and we have decided to use GCash which is a very popular app in the Philippines.

Here are screen shots of the payment:

First screen after scanning the QR code on the Philippines Red Cross page

Verifying that all is correct before going ahead with the donation

Payment confirmation

And a minute later we received the following SMS:

Once again, thank you all for your help and see you next week for a new feature.


@discoveringarni, @iamraincrystal, @romeskie, @bigtom13, I am sorry for not being active with #WATP for the last couple of weeks. I am currently focusing on personal and professional issues and unfortunately can't spare time to look for a new person to feature.
I'm hoping to be back at it by the end of the month or early 2021.
I want to reassure you that your contributions, totaling HBD 27.00 are still going to be used for the future features.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
Thank you.

No worries Yohann. You take care of what you got to take care. Happy holidays! :)

ah was wondering about it. Take your time and I am looking forward for future features.

@macchiata, I have received your HBD 1.045 contribution which is added to the pool for now and which will be used for the next feature. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks or early January. Thank you.

Take your time! you've been doing awesome work 😊

take your time 😉👍🏼 I do understand the pressure of the season. I look forward to the return of WATP features 😊😊 do take care & enjoy the season with family & loved ones ✨✨

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thank you for all that you do :)

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