A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

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Earlier this month, my two beautiful nieces came over and are staying at our place for a month. The kids are having fun so far, even with the occassional kiddie arguments over who's turn it is on the toy kitchen set, or the computer. All is good.

My third grader though is in a transitional stage of her childhood. There are some major changes going on with her body. A tooth falling off is one of them. I remember having panicked myself when one of my teeth fell off after the first chew of that epic Bazooka chewing gum back when I was her age.

Having her go through that phase at our house made her a lot closer to me than she already is. (She calls me Mimi instead of Tita or Auntie because to her, I am her second mom.) It also became an impromptu drill for me and my husband. It proved that we are such a great team. He took care of the gargle and the cleaning up while I stayed a little distance away because of the blood. Once that part was over, I then talked to my niece about proper tooth care, what food to avoid etc.

My sister on the other hand demanded I follow the "tooth fairy protocol." Which I am very much willing to oblige. It was really amusing because my niece was really excited about the visit from the tooth fairy. I decided to give it a bit of a twist.

Instead of simply taking the tooth and then replacing it with a 50 peso bill, I decided to have her "tooth fairy" write a note to her. I thought it would be perfect. I get to have the tooth fairy backing me up on the tooth care routine, she gets a reading exercise, while still observing the tooth fairy visit tradition.

In the process of writing the letter, I get to practice my tagalog composition and my hand writing as well. It has been a while since I last wrote in cursive with 100% effort to make it legible so I hope the little lady understands every word in it. It is written in tagalog so let me translate that for you.

My Dear Sabrina,

Please accept the gift attached in this letter in exchange for your tooth. If at all possible, please refrain from eating sweets and junk food which is a major cause of tooth decay. Make it a habit to brush your teeth early in the morning and before you sleep at night. I am hoping that your teeth will be in a much better condition on my next visit.


Your Tooth Fairy

I got this idea on a facebook post from long ago. Seeing how terrible the tooth's condition prompted me to write that Tooth Fairy letter. And as her second mom, I want to make her "visit from the Tooth Fairy" a lot more special.

Though I am bound to experience the fun of being Tooth Fairy to my little girl a few years from now, I am glad to have experienced it now. Tomorrow morning, my niece will be surprised with the letter and the money she will get. I am excited to see her reaction!

Though there are some who chooses to not make extra effort in making their kids believe in Santa or fairies, I choose to keep that spark of magic in the little girls' hearts. Their smiles, though missing a tooth or two, are priceless because those are smiles of pure happiness and innocence. They will only be kids once. Soon they'll be dealing with taxes, economics, and politics. I believe it is better that they have these magical and happy moments from their childhood they can look back to whenever things get too rough when they grow old.

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Hi Romeskie, I like the tooth fairy letter, I think it's a cool and sweet idea. 🙂 Sayang, we missed the tooth fairy magic, but Santa is still pretty much alive 😀

I did not experience the tooth fairy magic either but yeah, to date, I am still excited about Santa. Lol.

Haha same in our household, so much that my daughter already prepared her letter and it's stuck on the wall and she checks it every morning if Santa picked it up. 😂

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