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I would like to greet a happy Wednesday to all the hiver and the admin and members of @hiveph.

Since this is my first post here, I wanna introduce myself to the community. I am @olivia08, a 50 years old Nanay as they mostly called me here. I'm so happy knowing a Filipino community who are active and supportive of the fellow Filipinos. Coming from the native land of Loon, Bohol Philippines who git married in Mindanao. My home is there in Panabo City Noth Davao. Working in the desert for two decades for greener pasture.

Anyway, I'm so grateful for the invitation of @mrnightmare89, the author of this contest to join the contest.

Loon, Bohol Philippines


Our town plaza Statue of Liberty, Dr.Jose Rizal monument.

The Philippines is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. It is small but terrible for the beautiful tourist spots. Tourism made help the country economic growth. Sad to say, how many times it was devastated from so many disasters like storms and earthquakes but it is still standing firmly. And the latest one is all about the covid19 pandemic. Those are the trials in our country most of the time.

If how much you rate the beauty of the places, how much more you will be amazed by the native people of Loon and the entire Bohol.


My hometown

There's no place like home as many people uttered this word and I believed it. I'm longing for it every day of my life. And when I grow old, I would like to stay where I was born.

Loon, Bohol Philippines consists of 67 barangays. There are two islets who became the best beach resort in town located in Cabilao Island and Sandingan Island. You will be amazed by the hospitality of Loonanon people and you will never regret coming there again once you visited our place.

Loon, Bohol was established in the year 1758. According to the statistic record, it has 43,034 people in the 2015 census. It is according to the WIKIPEDIA


My grandmother story about Loon, Bohol.

She told me that most of the people in Loon a long time ago were getting married to the Spaniard who visited the Philippines headed by Magellan. Most of our dialects are related to the Spanish accent. Our family name was Castro in real, derived from our great great-grandfather's family name who was a Spaniards. It was changed adding jo ignoring the American people who made a house check. American explorer defeated the Spaniards so they were hiding under the Filipino community and got married. Loon, Bohol has a thousand caves to hide and it exists until now. inbound1398437947150729865.jpg

This is the water of the swimming pool. The source of this water is coming from the mountain specifically in our barrio going down at the back of this pool. There is a big water tank reservoir supplying the whole town of Loon

Real treasure in the mountain.

My parent raised me up from the income and harvest from our farm. Talking about land, we have a big farm cultivated before. Most of the people in our barangay were all farmers. We lived happily, we were not hungry. But today, the last time I came home, no one was cultivating the farm. The lifestyle really changes far from my childhood situation. It made me sad but what could I do? Most of the people are now professionals, working in the city and never give credit to the land and forgot it. Our place today became like a forest. A lot of green trees. I loved it but there was no corn planted. My grandmother just maintains taking care of her flowers and vegetables too.inbound1366412929594053662.jpg

Real treasure of the sea.

Our aquatic resources in Loon is so rich and people are open to pick up all your choice in the sea. Fresh and clean water sourced from the mountain connected to the sea gives life to all people the entire Loonanon.


The sky above, when I was roaming around the garden of my grandmother.



Our basic foods are grinded corn and ginamos with moringa soup. It supplement us for the whole day and night.
We have binago or puto from cassava, palaw, gabi, biga, camote and many root crops. And we have a lot of coconut and cacao tree.

We have so many fruits of different kind.No need to buy. Banana is always there once a week. The papaya. These are the common product we found in Philippines mountain.

Funniest Boholano celebration

Have you known heard about the Bohol festival? It is known over the Philippines that every year in the month of May, everyone plans a vacation.

Starting May 1 until the end of the month, every day has a scheduled fiesta. It's a fun celebration and at the same time, the celebration is allocated for the birthday of certain saints. Spanish regime gave a great Catholic belief in our place.


In general

The Philippines is a great country to live in. When I decided to go home for good, I have to choose to live in the mountain part of my birthplace. I will start my life again for the final countdown to my final rest. It will be the final place to live my life. I know it's never too late to regain ability in organic farming.

The trees and ornamental plants give us life.

My entry for @mrnightmare89 contest

My #wednesdaywalk entry for @tattoodjay and @elizacheng #makemeSmile.

I hope you enjoy my story and thank you for dropping by.



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Your hometown is beautiful. I have only been to Makati about 10 years ago. I would love to visit other places of the Philippines... ❤❤❤

Really? You went to Makati City? Makati now is like New York of the Philippines. Thank you @elizacheng.

Great post such an interesting read :)

Thankbyou @tattoodjay for dropping by.

Always a pleasure to visit your posts :) 👍🙂👍

Thank you so much.


I would love to visit Bohol in the future. Seems like a nice place. Good job, ma'am!

Bohol is really a good place and I recommend you Panglao and Cabilao Island

Bohol is near into my home town, Southern Leyte. In fact the dialect we're using is "bol-anon" from the word Boholano. No, it's wrong not work in land even though most of the people now are professionals. What will happen to the food we will eat if no one will.

Anyway, it was a long read nay but it's worth it. It's like I was just reading a story of a certain place. I just read it because I want to read it with focus. Nice nay, you made me waned to go to Bohol if I have budget. lol

Salamat sa entry nay..

Welcome, kaayo @mrnightmare89. You are now in Cebu so you can easily go to Bohol by fast craft.

I love Bohol! Even though I've been there for 2 times already, I still want to go there again. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your hometown. And by sharing it, you're promoting Philippines as well. Thank you po. ❤❤