Christmas party

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It's like a reward that you need to give. Christmas time is perfect for it. This is the time where it should happen. Maybe because in this season everyone likes to spread love. For a year of working, this month serves as the year-ender.


This party happened because of one person. He is an SK Chairman in our Brgy. He is like a leader of the youth in our place. He was busy leading youths and was doing youth activities. But he couldn't do it alone without his officials. All the activities happened because of his officials. That's why as thanks to them he made a party. Those officials didn't have salaries.

This was called a party even though we were just eating and swimming. Well, we called it a party so just leave it like that.


Early in the morning, we prepared the food. He had a small amount of money. That's why the types of food we cooked were like this. We cooked as well to save money. That money we saved would just be used in drinks. Like soft drinks and liquors. We know the party will not be completed if there will be alcohol to make the conversation sweeter. Thanks to one person who sponsored us the entrance fee of going inside of the beach.

We arrived at the beach at almost noon. You know Filipinos, some came late. We had no choice but to wait for them and we started eating at 1 pm. After eating we didn't swim yet because the sun was still up. We just drank in the cottage alcohol and had conversations. The beach was nice but the sun was just too hot for us. It's fine because we had a great time there.


Christmas party is like part of our Christmas. This is where the management gives thanks to its employees. The boss or owners will offer food and drinks to make sure their employees will have a great time before the pause of work for two days. If there is no pandemic we should see more gatherings. But let's ignore it and be happy.


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