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It's November 10th and Buffalo NY hit a record high temperature of 77. I should of been out on my motorcycle having a little fun but instead stayed home and worked on a website doing some debugging. MEH PRIORITIES.

At the end of the day I just couldn't let a bright sunny day like this be a complete waste so I decided on a beer with some burgers on the grill! Not just any beer though! This is one of my seasonal favorites!


Normal weather this time of year is 53 to 43 degrees. It's not uncommon to already have snow on the ground either. I will admit though, our winters aren't what they once were.

So I threw some burgers on the grill and really just needed an excuse to dip into my 12 pack of Genessee Schwarzbier. I've blogged about this beer before but it's a seasonal from one of our local breweries and it really is one of my favorites! It's generally only available from now till the New Years and that's if they don't run out of stock!


I've often thought about stocking up with a case for each month of the year. Then open one up each month or as a special treat for special occasions.

As many of you know I'm a devout stout lover! I'm not a total beer nerd so I'm not sure if this is properly classified as a stout. It's listed on the website as a Dark Lager!

Screenshot 20201110 at 5.51.25 PM.png

IMHO it has that stout taste but not the thickness I've come to recognize in most stouts. I will say this is one of my favorite dark beers though and at just $10.00 for a 12 pack they're a real steal and pleasant on the pocket book. I seriously wish they brewed these all year. I probably wouldn't buy anything else. Hummm? Then what would I post on #BeerSaturday? OK, I guess I'd have to still shop around once a week! 😆 Like any of us in the BEER community need an excuse to try a new beer!

So the beer paired nicely with my burgers. It was actually the perfect beer for these burgers and these may well be the last outdoor grilled burgers of the season, so it was kind of a special occasion today!


I wonder if there's such a thing as a burger nerd because I probably qualify. I do prefer it simple though, none of those gouda cheese hipster burgers basted with duck fat. The Dood's good with cheese (sharp NY cheddar of course), bacon, ketchup, mustard and mayo is best IMHO. Sometimes I'll get a little daring and go with bacon bleu cheese. Pretty sure that's a Buffalo thing! We put bleu cheese and hot sauce on everything here!

If you look at the beer in the background it pours with a nice full head. No matter how I pour these, that head is inevitable. It has a really nice crisp, smooth, taste too!

Well dinners over and I decided to have one more beer outside as dusk light falls over the city! Have a great night everyone! Cheers!


If you'd like to join in the BeerSaturday fun here's the post with all the rules!

What are you drinking lately? Have a favorite beer? Any dark beer suggestions? Comments always welcome!

This week I'd like to challenge @TraciYork to join in the BeerSaturday fun. Write a short story about beer in any language and include 3 beer pics and the #BeerSaturday hashtag. Cheers!


You know, there was a moment this past Saturday that I went, "hey wait - wasn't I supposed to be drinking a beer or something?" but I didn't have a chance to put a post together (although I did find time to have a couple of bottles later that Thanks so much for the tag, and I'll be sure to jump into the fun very soon!

Cheers with a !BEER

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LOL... The BeerSaturday posts are a lot of fun. Would be great if you joined in. Fun community for sure! Cheers. Hopefully I have some calls left today. I lose count.


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Thanks for checking out my stuff man. Cheers 🍻

Great stuff too. Keep it up. Can't wait to see that plant grow! I'm jealous.


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Hey @the-bitcoin-dood, here is a little bit of BEER from @traciyork for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Beer you can keep - notwithstanding the fact that my father made his own. I remain convinced that that was one of the reasons my ex married me. Lol. The Husband eenjoys a good beer but a lager or a pilsner. I stick to my wine.

Burgers are another matter. A good burger takes a lot of beating - even veg ones. As it so happens, we ate burgers for Tuesday supper on our side of the world, too!

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Those burgers you made looked delicious!

Thank you!

Well shit yah!

I am an hour or so north of you and the last of the fall is awesome. Got a bonus round of golf in and some patio time a week after that storm blew through last weekend.


I see your beer and raise you another! Happy Tuesday!



That's looking like a good beer! I hear ya on the weather, every nice day now is one less day of winter as far as I'm concerned. You gotta take advantage of these last days, because we'll all be hibernating soon when that nasty weather gets here, unless you're into winter sport. Me... I stay inside!


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Beer and burgers are a great combination. I've not got any seasonal beers yet this year. I will have to look out for some. There is usually one at the pub, but I've not been there in months. Didn't even get a beer festival this year.

Cheers !BEER

We've got a couple pubs here I want to do some beer saturday posts at. One place specializes in food & beer, the other only beer. They each have like 50 to 100 taps. I should get out soon, my area just went "yellow" for covid and they're talking about closings. We have a beer festival too, also closed :( Hopefully things get back to normal soon! Stay well my friend!

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