Heineken and Chips, keeping it relaxed | #Beersaturday

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This time last Saturday, I was still in Durban grinding it out with colleagues, puting in long hours. So when the task was over for the day, we opted for some beer.


With Heineken being my favorite, I got myself a six pack while my colleagues gots there favorites.
That first sip of a cold beer is just an absolute thirst quencher, it a refreshing.


I'm a light drinker do two bottles was enough for me, having it with chips makes it great to enjoy while relaxing with colleagues.



After a hot long day, give me a cold Heineken and I will be placed is a relaxed mode while enjoying every sip.


We owe it to ourselves to make Hive great

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Looks awesome...it is always so rewarding after a long day at work. I am glad you had a good day & were able to relax. :) I enjoy a glass of wine sometimes myself :) 💚

What kind of wine do you like? I love sweet red

Actually that is my favorite too. I like Pinoit Noir and if I want white wine, Riesling is good, too. It has to be sweet or at least a medium taste. The dry & bitter ones are not my forte lol.

Awesome choices Jenn, Saint Celine, happens to be my favorite lately but I'm open to most sweet red wines.

Glad that you got to relax with beer and chips; there was some good football too. Keep enjoying your weekend bro :}

Thanks bro, I'm glad Chelsea won yesterday. Have a good one.

How are you dear friend @joetunex good afternoon
Undoubtedly after a long day of work, a very cold beer makes very good. Enjoy it dear friend
I take this opportunity to wish you a great night and a happy rest

I'm well thanks my friend, hope you are well too.
It was awesome having to relax with nice cold beer.