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You are back to being 16 weeks behind with the winner payouts for this competition - Last payout was for week 115. It's pretty unfair to run a competition where you don't actually award the prizes. You know I'll always support this competition, but I don't see how you are going to build it into something bigger if you don't award the promised prizes.


Hi @harveyword,

thanks again for your reminder.
I know this issue and I feel a bit bad about it.

BUT I accidentally did 5 payout post today in the train to Hamburg.
You will see up to week 119 the next 3 days as the post are already scheduled in SteemPeak.

Tomorrow I have again 6 hours in the train and I guess I get close to week 130

Another question

Do you like to support this work with some time from your side or do you know anybody else who might do a bit of work each week? Since 130 weeks I do it alone and run again and again into delays.

Yes I could potentially help - what sort of work at you looking for?

Do you use discord? Let's chat there...