Aussie Burger in Detlev style - comes with a Grimbergen

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Let's start the preparation

Just grab some good food like the fresh stuff here and add some @detlev made burger patties. I always have some of them in the freezer from last events.



Show them the BBQ

We use this a terracotta bowl for the veggies and not to much heat for the burger patties.


Beet root

This is always a big discussion, as not everyone is in love with beet root


To add some light sweet taste we use pineapple (sadly not a fresh one) and the heat create a nice burned taste.

Prepare the burger patties

After some time on the open grill, we moved the patties over to the fire plate where they get heat but not get burned to much.

Than add some cheddar cheese


We use this bowl to get fast more heat to the cheese to melt.


Finally on the plate

First we need to add some more veggies like tomato and some of this dangerous green stuff.


Later on add the onions and some spices and build the "tower"


Sure, we had a good Belgian beer going with the dinner.


The Grimbergen was great, even if it was in a wrong glass.


Have a great day everybody


enjoy #BeerSaturday
and stay with positive vibes

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Hello, I couldn't help commenting when I saw your burger. I miss the beetroot. It's quite expensive in our country because it could only grow in the mountains, but I eat them a lot whenever I am in Europe. I did try beetroot in a burger and I really liked it. The biggest challenge is how to bite that entire thing. 😄

Ya, I prefer just to eat it with fingers to create this big mass - it just taste better as with a knife & fork. ;-)

I will most probably do the same, the best way to eat a burger is to get messy 😄

Wow, der sieht ja fabelhaft aus :) Lecker Lecker

next meeting - we do self made burger.....

...oder Spanferkel. ;-)

Mir läuft das !BEER im Mund zusammen,
denn der Burger ist bestimmt nicht schlecht
und das Fleisch auf kleinen Flammen,
sicher ward geschlachtet Artgerecht.

Ein Dank an den Dichter

You treated yourself well!
Grimbergen blond is a great beer indeed.
I bought a 6-pack of it yesterday because they were discounted in my local supermarket!

yes, it is a nice on, the Grimbergen

Ein Hochstapler!!😉
Wünsche guten Appetit gehabt zu haben.

hehe, ja lecker wars.

Selbst die Burger Brötchen wurden selber gemacht

Hey @detlev, here is a little bit of BEER from @kaeptn-iglo for you. Enjoy it!

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This does look like a great burger - but speaking as an Australian I would have like to see a egg in there as well - egg, beetroot, pineapple for some reason this is what we consider Aussie. There must be something to it because an 'Aussie' pizza has pineapple and egg on it too (basically it's a Hawaiian with egg)

yeah, your are so damn right. I was so in preparing mode that I forgot the egg....