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People can change the coats they wear, but can cats do that, too...?

Regular readers of my blog are probably familiar with the mostly-Outdoor cat for which I'm still caring on behalf of my late-husband's sister. He was originally named Midnight because of his jet-black coat, although she had taken to calling him "Gorgeous" a year ago, because he's such a handsome fellow.

His breed is Turkish Angora, which comes in a variety of colors as is the case with most breeds of cats. One of the common color-schemes of Angora cats is that they sometimes have a black coat with chestnut-brown undertones deep within the coat. The chestnut brown is usually only visible if one parts the fur with fingers and looks deeply into the coat.

Late this past autumn, I noticed that his coat is changing color, with more of the chestnut brown coming out from below and becoming more predominant. These photos show him outdoors on a sunny day but with indirect light, under the awning of a porch. He is definitely no longer just a black cat as he once was, but is two-toned black and chestnut brown!

I have no clue whether this is a natural progression in Angoras with his coloring, whether it is related to the weather we've had this winter, or if it is connected to his age (he is around 15 years old now). I am curious to see what will happen with the color when the warmer weather of spring finally arrives again. Instead of calling him Gorgeous or Midnight, I might have to rename him Chocolate Cat if the brown continues to replace the black. 😁

Regardless of his color, though, he is definitely still a Gorgeous kitty, and such a gentle, sweet thing as well! If anyone else has had experience with a cat's changing color, though, I'd love to hear about it!


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I see it indeed, while his head and ears stay darker if I see good in the pictures maybe when he is groomed the dark will come back like with dogs when Charlie goed to the groomer he has more brown and when she cuts his hair more to the skin shorter that is he is more blackish. Also he is older so the fur does change. It also changed after we helped him to be circumcised, than the fur changes aswell but with cats I don’t know.

Have a great caturday dear

Heheh, he's a gorgeous kitty alright. Chocolate cat will be a cool name. 15 years old?! How long do cats live?

Your kitten is such a beautiful one 😍 and looks so soft.
I think the change of their fur are more common in some breeds than others.
My cat Elvis was darker Grey as a kitten but darker Grey when he was older. Not to much change.
But my Sister had a cat that was orange as a young kitten but are all Brown today with a white nose.
That was unexpected for sure.
I don't know if grooming your animals also can be a reason it changes 😉 interesting tho.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend my friend.
Much love 🤗❤️💋

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Well, something new again!!!
I didn't know they change coats!

Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.

The cat is so furry. It looks so soft.

He really is gorgeous. I didn't know that they could change color and I have had cats most of my life.