Reading books has never been so difficult!

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Hello dear everyone!

How are you? I hope you’re all good. I haven’t been able to share for a while. Because this little one has us busy. She is too small yet. So she had a hard time switching to dry food. She eats very little food a day. The vet said she needed to gain weight. Her blood tests were done. Our baby is very healthy.


My husband and I work during the day. So we can only play with her in the evenings. I wanted to read a book yesterday. Of course she did not allow this. She gnawed my book! 😂


I guess the best thing I ever did in my life is to have her. I had animals like birds and fish. But this is something else. When I go home she’s waiting for me at the door. Or she runs to me when I call her name. I can’t describe my feelings. All I know is that I really love her.


Yesterday of course I didn’t read a book and played games with it. I am at work now and looking forward to going home. I hope my little daughter ate food today.

Take care of yourselves.


@tipu curate :)

Thank you! :))

Awww she wants to know what you are reading :D
So adorable!

A very curious girl! :D

1 min ... is that your cat :)) ?

Yes!! My baby!! :)))

Looks cool :))

Cool and curious :D

Soooo cute her little tiny claws. In the first photo, it looks like she´s gonna take my soul with her xD

I don't know if her paws will still be sweet when she grows up!! :D

omg she's so adorable!

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Quite so!! :)) Thank you!! :)) You should see her sleeping on my lap. :))

MEOWTH! @fraenk has sent a tip of 100 CAT your way. cute and adorable is she and what a beautiful color she will definitely keep you active 😸

She’s such a game monster! 😊

Haha...that is cute game monster 😸😸

Absolutely cute! 😻

Omg such a cutie! I can understand now why it was hard to read the book, you just wanna pick the kitten up and cuddle the rest of the day with it 😍

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