A sleeping lady

in Caturday3 months ago


Hi guys!

Tomorrow is monday and I'm not ready for it. Cause I'm leaving this baby home alone. She's bored alone at home all day long. We spent a lot of time yesterday and today.


She slept in my lap at every opportunity. While I write these, she is sleeping on my lap. 😊


She uses my hand as a pillow.


I hope you like my baby's photos and support us. Take care of yourselves.


She's lovely! I know the feeling of not wanting to go to work well

Mondays are really hard. Especially when this little monster is home. :)

Aww, so sweet. Lovely :)

!discovery 20

Really so sweet. :)) Thank you!! :))

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Thank you!

This is one super cute cat! 😁

Super cute but little naughty! :)) She's very active nowadays. She has very funny videos. :D But I don't know how to share videos here.

You might learn someday; Cat videos are always good!

Such a cutie!
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