Update On The Feral Cat, Friday

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I’ve mentioned in a previous post Here about the feral cat that lives in the igloo, made by snow buildup around the barbecue, at the back deck. I call him or her Friday.

Friday is still afraid of me and will not come to the food dish until after I go back into the house,

This is about as close as I can get to Friday. I opened the back door and she waits a second knowing I will leave out food.


Friday’s igloo is on the part of the deck that doesn’t have a roof. After our dusting of snow last night, Friday’s pawprints are visible going into the opening of the cat igloo. I’m glad she stays warm in there through our winter weather.


Friday hurries the other way when I step outside.


Friday waits in the snow at the top deck step while I fill her food dishes.


A earlier closeup of Friday checking out the environment from the deck railing.


A feral cat often has fear of humans and not able to be tamed. I was hoping to take Friday to the vet and bring her inside wth my other cats, Red and Sunday. As of now I am just trying to keep her fed and safe from coyotes or foxes. Friday may be pregnant as I thought the belly was getting big. Time will tell!

My two male inside cats, Red and Sunday, have the life of Riley living nice and warm during the cold winter months.

Red keeps watch on the outside activities. They know there is another cat outside and will often watch Friday from this window.


Sunday always finds a comfortable chair and listens for any excitement.


Such is life in the cat world at my house.

Take care everyone and stay safe in these uncertain times.

Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada.


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I know what you are talking about. My two cats came from a feral cat I was hoping to domesticate before she gave birth. I tried to bring her in, but, her behavior made me open the door and let her out. She came in the sunporch to nurse the babies, then out again.

I am so glad Friday has a loving, understanding person like you, Jo!!

Thanks! I’m glad you were able to make pets of the kittens Denise.

I feel bad seeing Friday outside when the temperature drops but I know she would go crazy if confined in the house after being feral. Not that she would come in anyway. : ) Friday has a nice fur coat after living outside so long and comes to the back deck morning and evening for her food. She will be find as long as the coyotes don’t know she’s around. Rabbits seem to be scarce and they will take a cat for a meal just as quickly.

I hope Friday will begin to trust you and let you touch her soon. Good job feeding and looking after Friday! 👍🐈🐈😻😻🌷💐👍🌈

Thanks @kaminchan. Maybe one day she will not be so afraid. 💕😸

Happy Friday has found a good shelter for the winter and that you make sure her food bowl is filled. I guess she has too much of a wild side to become domesticated but at least you know she is cared for!
We have a feral cat who just came in through the cat door and made himself at home. the other cats accepted him so we did too. He turned from a wild cat into a cuddle cat!

Thanks @porters. I have had stray cats come in the house but Friday seems different. Nice to know your feral cat turned out alright and was accepted by the other cats.

My two cats are inside cats and have only seen Friday through the window.

That portrait shot of Friday looks cool. I wished I'd know what she's thinking.

But I know that the cat trusts you. Maybe she's really pregnant and she might teach her kids to trust nobody but the nice lady who brings the food 😁

Cheers with !BEER and !WINE

Thanks Hannes. Friday is quite photogenic. :)

It would be something to see kittens running around the lawn dear Hannes. Friday depends on me and if there are kittens forthcoming she may have them in the igloo. Motherhood may make her more trusting. She is still as afraid of me now as she was when she first showed up.

Thanks dear Hannes for your generosity.🤗☀️Much appreciated.

Oh, I would love to see a post with a little kitten family 🐱
Kittens are curious, so they might think their mom is wrong and visit you - would be a nice surprise 😁

Wish you a wonderful Tuesday, dear Jo 🤗🌞

Cheers and !BEER

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Hello dear friend @redheadpei good afternoon

They are very lucky to have you, you take care of feeding them, giving followings, even health if they leave; I think you have to give him time, go to know everything that had to happen in relation to people, not all act like you.

I appreciate you giving us a life update on Friday winter

have a beautiful day

Welcome my friend @jlufer. I’m glad to enjoyed the update on Friday.

Have a lovely week.

Nice caturday photography.

Thank you @kamrunnahar.

Poor kitty! Here in my building a stray kitten came in and gave birth to her babies in an empty flower pot that is in the hallway of the building. She had five babies! 😲 Now all of us neighbors are feeding them and thinking what are we going to do with the kittens? For now they are happy!😸

Nice you and the neighbors are feeding the babies and looking out for them . ❤️ iI may have some running around on the deck one of these days.🙂😸

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 45 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Most appreciated Pix!

Good luck with Friday .. 😺👍

Thanks @manorvillemike. 😸

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Terrific post and photos Jo! I love seeing little kitty prints in the snow. So cute! 😊

Thanks Dee and for your generosity. 💕 Friday is staying close to the deck and not going far from the outside of the house. The snow is quite deep on the lawn.

You're very welcome Jo!! I can't blame Friday, it looks like he made a nice shelter and is eating good. He is a cute cat! 😊💞

She or He is one lucky feral cat for someone as kind as you to care for it's well being looking forward to knowing if , it is a she and pregnant then you will have a few snow kittens running around...lol 😇

I wouldn't be surprised if a few kittens would be running around in the snow one of these days, LOL

I can see this happening and it will keep Friday in the spotlights with Hive 😆