Peanuts as a naughty teenager

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Peanut is about 11 months old now and it's clear that he will be a smaller cat but he's determined to prove that dynamite comes in small packages and like all teenage boys, he loves nothing more than wrestling with dad.


Yoda is surprisingly tolerant given that he did not like Peanut at all when he first arrived. Toffee also indulges him. Here he is acting provocative just after wrestling with Yoda.


It's a good thing that he has two large adult males who are prepared to play with him, this is a problematic age for many young males as they can be really annoying to older cats and females. He annoys the elderly Miss P tremendously and wasn't good for Tom either.


Katia takes no shit from anyone and puts the little monster in his place so he is slowly learning how to be a cat.

He still doesn't want to know about anyone other than me although he does show a little more confidence once other people become more familiar. He's very talkative and likes nothing better than to stand on his hind legs and dig his claws into my upper thigh when I am cooking because he is the quality control inspector and must sniff or taste everything that goes on in the kitchen. Sometimes, he's more like a dog than a cat...





Each little guy and gal cat are one of a kind..Never know what you'll get.. 😊😺👍

No you don't but that is part of the fun, I think

Haha those dark paws are so cute!
Boy.. he grew up to a really nice kitty :)

Yes, he's beautiful and cute

His personality sounds very similar to our teenager.

Time out for Lil' Guy most of this evening. So much energy and always in chase and pounce mode.

Lil' Guy Ninja Attacks Weezer Vid Screenshot 2 20191101.jpg

Oof, what a busy boy!

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Happy Caturday @nikv100_2899.JPG

Awww, that face! Happy caturday to you


He has definitely grown into a very handsome young cat... and I'm sure he's going to keep trying to establish his "rank" in the household for some time to come. Good that he has a couple of willing (or not!) "wrestling buddies!"


He definitely will but at this stage, he isn't raising his rank much at all, he gets spanked by all


Peanuts have become a completely grown-up handsome boy!
Do not expect calmness from a Siamese cat :-)

That's true, haha


Katia looks like a my Copito, not because of her claws but she's the second to arrive in the kitchen after me.
It is placed right next to me, in a sleeping position. Every time I walk around, I have him by my side as if asleep. It's crazy!

Peanut is beautifull.

Yes, some cats are very regular companions

You cat need a therapist!! He has double personalities both a cat and dog!!

No! I am happy with him the way he is

Yup! I think so too! I was teasing the cat; kind of nice to have both capabilities.

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You couldn't say it better. Siamese cats look much more like a dog than a cat. They have a very particular personality, they are expressive, charismatic, affectionate.

I had the joy of having one a few years ago and believe me, I have never had one like it. When he died, I cried a lot, I really loved that cat.

I leave you one of his pictures as a child:


So sweet! They do have a distinctive personality