Entertaining actions of my flat cats in the outdoors

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A Rat catching trial by Cat Misty where she’s chased away by rat


Cat Misty had a go trying to catch a big rat but at the first attempt, the rat succeeded in chasing her away!!...Bravo rat, bravo rat, well done.

Later news came that this rat was finished by cat Misty herself. Cat instinct you see, it’s inevitable. For us though these flat rats are controlling the rat population, so that is benefiting the flat's residents.

Cat Meow’s eye on a active squirrel in the balcony


Cat Meow meanwhile, fantasizes about chasing pigeons and squirrels else watches them spellbound.


This particular squirrel is of course safe and out of reach of cat Meow.


The balcony which it visited seemed to have some fodder that’s kept by the people living in that house. After the squirrel left, pigeons were seen there pecking at something, which I assumed is fodder. It’s beautiful, that people do such kind things, is it not?.

Cat Meow's entertainment options in the outdoors are limitless


Checkout cat Meow’s Calico textured fur body, beautiful is it not?.


Cat Meow biting grass which cats generally love to do , maybe it improves their digestion.


And of course she’s always watching out for something or other that’s interesting - pigeons, squirrels, rats, friendly humans, grass, ground, tree, her options are limitless out in the outdoors.

Happy Caturday!!


hahaha... that video was fun!

I'm most surprised to see that rat sitting out in the open like it's nobody's business... around here rats will usually stay in hiding before it's completely dark out.

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yeah...that rat was happily roaming around all over the flat campus. It was carefree. I saw it early in the morning. Unfortunately this same cat Misty looks to have vanquished that interesting giant rat...

the video is a lot of fun to watch ...yeah. Thanks for the cat tips dear!!

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