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Scary Mary runs things in the kitchen at feeding time... She maintains the discipline & order among the other 10 cats in the house. She keeps the kitchen floor empty till the food is served.. Anyone jumping the gun is chased away...

20200814_064239 2.jpg

Before she was here there was chaos... with cats at my feet crying to be fed immediately.. Now I'm able to walk around to do my job in a quiet atmosphere..

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Big Bear, who is twice as big as Mary waits patiently... till Scary Mary is fed first...


After Mary finishes she goes back to her window perch and everyone can relax and go about their business.

I spread out the eating locations so they can eat in peace for the most part... Gerry and Sister Bingo get fed on the counter.. They wait up there till the food comes..

Brothers Mickey & Patty are fed second after Scary Mary... I just say lets go boys and they trot out to the porch where they get fed with the door closed.. The last six get it on the kitchen floor... Everyone knows where to expect being fed...

Of course it doesn't end there.. a few don't finish their servings, so I have to come back and give those some more and make sure none of the others steal the food...


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Boss Lady


Yup, she is definitely the Boss Lady! I'd wondering about feeding everyone at your place... even when we just had five, getting it so everyone got their fair share was a challenge.

Happy Caturday!

Everyday is a challenge... and new methods my be needed.. a lotta love helps...💞 Thanks...

That's a LOT of cats !

That is pretty neat how Scary Mary is able to keep the order.

She is one tough cat..

Lol, we've got a similar situation not only around food, but of course sleeping spots. Our older cat George (King George), rules over the other two for the first eats and best location.

Iv'e had a lot of pussies up until Mary came along.. lol