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Suzi purple blanket 4.jpg

It is Caturday and it is cold.
Only one thing that can be done in this case: snuggle inside of a fluffy blanket!

This is what she does for the few colder months. Find the spot on the blanket and start digging trying to show that this is what she wants. Then Hooman slave need to cover her and she will stay there for hours purring :)

What a life, eh?
Spoiled, spoiled puss...

Suzi purple blanket 2.jpg

Anything interesting happening there, Hooman?

Suzi purple blanket 5.jpg

No? I stay here then!

Suzi purple blanket 7.jpg

Please, don't wake me unless you have food ready.

Suzi purple blanket 1.jpg

Happy Caturday!

Suzi purple blanket 3.jpg
Ninja styla

Shot with Sony a7 + Pentacon 1.8/50 lens
All photos and text are my own.

kitty banner.png


Happy Happy Happy Caturday!

Happy Wednesday!
(I am late again..)

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 38 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Aw. Your kitty is so adorable. I love the contrast of kitty's cute little face against the fuzzy purple blanket. You captured it so well!

Thank you! she can be super cute when she wants to :)


Pod kolor :D

Cats are just too funny in what they do. Silly creatures. 😀

Yea. And they all have their own character :)

Who is fluffier, the blanket or the grey protagonist?

Blanket... but don't tell her that :p

Happy Caturday!

It is very comforting to burrow in a warm blanket when it is cold. Of course she picked a lovely shade of purple as a perfect match for her blue-grey! Lovely photos!

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Yeaaa I wanted to do that too, but the best blanket is taken :p

Happy Caturday and Happy New Year!

Happy New year! :D

Very smart cat! He makes a cave to hide and be warm!

And she gets out only when she hears food :p

Great photos!
This color suits her very much! :-)

It is her favourite blanket now :P

This photos are wonderful @ewkaw. Beautiful cat :)

Thanks a lot :)