October, Fall... and CATURDAY! Life is Good!

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Greetings Felines and Hoomans of Hivelandia!

Hope this first week of fall has been treating you well. It has been a bit of a turbulent week around the Curator Cat household, with the arrival of fall, lots of things going on, and the Dad Hooman being sick for a few days.

Thankfully, things are starting to return to some semblance of normal, now!

Bird watching!

The many migratory birds we see around here have started their annual journey south for the winter, so there's lots to be seen, outside my window!

Meanwhile, it has been "harvest time" for the Hoomans... they have been bringing all manners of interesting things in from their garden. Sometimes, they taunt me with little round objects on counters, just begging to be batted onto the floor!

Still life with cat and apple...

CuratorCat.LEO Gets Started...

As some of you know, I have always been a rather sensible cat, and one of the features of Hive I have long been interested in is the "secondary layer" of communities and tribes we have here.


If you're not sure what I am talking about here, I am referring to the "tribes" we have, many of which have their own domains and even their own tokens through Hive-Engine.

Because I am a big supporter of art and creativity, I already created the @curatorcat.ccc account many months back to use in support of creative expression. Of course, it's also an investment.

My newest venture is @curatorcat.leo, because I am also into what you might call "armchair investing."

LEO was one of the very first tokens I invested in back when it was Steem-Engine, and I am very excited about the developments now happening with the whole @leofinance ecosystem, which is showing the world how you can "build something on Hive" that's an entirely autonomous community with it's own identity.

Of course, I also just like that it's called "LEO," because... you know... CATS!

No, don't expect this new "alt" account to be a posting account... it's purely a support effort for the LeoFinance project and there to encourage and engage with worthy financially related content. But it'll be fun, and hopefully I'll make a little curation income, here and there!

Good boxes make me happy!


I have always liked the fall and winter months, in part because the Hoomans spend more time inside doing "cozy" things best done with a cat nearby!

The Dad-Hooman is even considering getting back into doing his artwork!

Well, that's about it from around here... I hope everyone is having a wonderful Caturday!



Love Cats? Get Involved in Hive's Cat Communties!

If you're a cat lover and often/sometimes post pictures or other content that includes your feline friends, why not become an active part of Hive's growing Cat Communities?

These are some of the more active Cat Communities — why not join them ALL? Remember, you can also "cross-post" your cat posts to them!

HiveCats by @curatorcat is a central "gathering place" for cat content on Hive; promoting the use of the #hivecats tag for feline content!

Cat Snaps by @manorvillemike is a place to post pictures of your cats when you don't have a whole lot to say beyond just sharing your cute photos!

Caturday by @saboin is a community where we get to celebrate posts relating to Saturday — aka "Caturday" — our own special day!

Cat Photos by @andrarchy is a "mixed use" cat content community; posts can be just photos or longer, as long as the subject is CATS!

Cats by @captainklaus (and Sissi!) is another "general" cat content community.

Last but certainly not least, don't forget the dPet Community created by @kona, which is the original pet related "channel," and which typically also has lots of cat photos! This is also the home of the Daily Pet Photography challenge!

There are a number of other feline communities listed on Hive, but I am not sharing them for now as they have not had any activity (by their Admins OR users) since the Steem/Hive fork. Updates as they become available!

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Hey, cutie pie! How's it hanging?


Thanks for the cat communities information. I am new here so is nice see that Hive have a place for the cats too 😻🐈

Beautiful black cat you are.

Happy Caturday.😸

The Leo tribe is doing quite well. LEO tokens have surpassed HIVE in price. Plus, with having the wLeo ETH token, that'll boost it even more. I think I'm going to do like you and make an account just for curating LEO posts.