Curator Cat Says "Happy Caturday" From the Big Couch in the Mom-Hooman's Office!

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Greetings fabulous Felines and Hoomans of Hivelandia!

It's Saturday once again, and we all know what that means: CATURDAY! Time to get out all those cute photos of your feline companions and share!

Relaxing on my fluffy blanket!

This past week I have been spending a lot of time in the Mom-Hooman's home office. We get some lovely sunspots in there in the morning and — besides — she's been going through some stressful times with her work projects, and I know that having a cat around is calming!

Hey! Pay attention to ME! I'm Vampire Cat!

We have a pretty good life around here, and things are usually pretty calm and relaxed, which I like.


This time of the year, however, the Hoomans get a little uptight and stressed out over this thing they call "taxes" and it's my job to make sure nobody "boils over."

I take my job quite seriously, making sure they know that I am far cuter than silly numbers on a page!

The big couch in the Mom-Hooman's office is very comfortable, and often covered with blankets, and sometimes (like here, at left) I can even find someone's sweater to add some cat hair to!

Lately, I have been thinking quite a lot about the importance of Community in all our lives... which is — in part — why I've been sharing my thoughts of how we build communities.

Since there are so many restrictions in the world these days, our virtual communities have taken on a greater importance than ever. When people can't go out, the option is to go in.

Thus, it becomes especially important that our online communities actually serve our needs for connection, rather than just provide mindless time passing.

Paying attention!

Hive — with its community system — is in excellent position to truly build something that can offer people a sense of belonging, even after the high level threat of the pandemic passes.

Well, I have to get back to my cat duties now! I hope you are all having a marvelous Caturday, wherever you may be!



Love Cats? Get Involved in Hive's Cat Communties!

If you're a cat lover and often/sometimes post pictures or other content that includes your feline friends, why not become an active part of Hive's growing Cat Communities?

These are some of the more active Cat Communities — why not join them ALL? Remember, you can also "cross-post" your cat posts to them!

HiveCats by @curatorcat is a central "gathering place" for cat content on Hive; promoting the use of the #hivecats tag for feline content!

Cat Snaps by @manorvillemike is a place to post pictures of your cats when you don't have a whole lot to say beyond just sharing your cute photos!

Caturday Community by @saboin is a community where we get to celebrate posts relating to Saturday — aka "Caturday" — our own special day!

Cat Photos by @andrarchy is a "mixed use" cat content community; posts can be just photos or longer, as long as the subject is CATS! It has a lot of subscribers but is not very active.

Cats by @captainklaus (and Sissi!) is another "general" cat content community; it's there, but not very active.

Last, but certainly not least, a special shoutout to the recently formed Hive Pets Community which has become quite active and has quite a bit of cat content!

There are a number of other feline communities listed on Hive, but I am not sharing them for now as they have not had any activity (by their Admins OR users) since the Steem/Hive fork. Updates as they become available!

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I love vampire cat!! What an awesome pic!