Curator Cat's Caturday Musings: What's the Future of Hive?

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Hello Felines and Hoomans of Hivelandia!

Caturday — because that is what Saturday really means — is about over, and I hope you have all had a good one!

Enjoying the sun in the stairwell

Seems we have recently been plagued by a serious case of not much time, which has meant not nearly as many cat pictures as I would hope my Hoomans would post of me.

But I tolerate it, because they do bring excellent cat treats, and the Mom-Hooman always invites me to sleep on the warm fuzzy blanket in her lap when she watches TV.

But still... what's the point of having your own blog, if you don't actually blog?

Enough about that, however!

Yes, I really DO help write these posts!

As of late, I have been thinking a lot about the future of the Hive Community. I have quite grown to like it here, and there seem to be some really nice people using this platform... but at the same time, it seems like activity is slowly, slowly declining... and it's always the "same old faces" I see... making me wonder where the growth of the community is going to come from.

I faithfully follow @penguinpablo's statistical updates, and there doesn't seem to be much there to feel cheerful about.

Feeling a bit pensive...

And yet, we just had a Hardfork and Hive has just become "it's own self" as a result. That has to be good, right?

And there are some bright spots like LeoFinance, which was one of the early "tribes" I invested in, and that has definitely stood me in good stead, in its own small way.

But I still can't help but wonder where "The Big Roadmap" is, and what it is? As the wise people say "nothing comes from nothing," and it's very clear to me that we have to be the ones who put Hive on the map, nobody's going to do that for us.

Wanting to keep feeling positive...

I sometimes wonder what I can do, as a tiny little fish most people have never heard of... and I guess the best I can do is keep on publishing, and sharing my content to twitter. And hope somebody sees that, and comes here!

Someone once said (about publishing content online) that you should focus on putting things out there that YOU would look it, had they been created by someone else.

I guess I make that part of my roadmap...

Well, enough waxing philosophical for now! I need to get back to my napping...

Thanks for reading, and I hope your Caturday was a good one!



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that was some honest and inspiring blogging...

I'm curious myself how hive will evolve... but as long as there's some cool cats who stick around it'll always be fun.

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Oh hi @fraenk, nice to see you here, and thanks for the encouraging words! And thanks for the CAT tokens!

I occasionally still see @cuddlekitten around... I hope you keep it going, the low price of Hive notwithstanding.


 last month (edited)

Theycallmedan is always inspiring

The hardfork has been a pain in the arse, but it is said that bugs will be fixed by Monday...cross fingers and hang in there

Oh yes, there are definitely some people who keep working at bettering Hive. Dan is one of them... and what I really admire about him is that he's doing what he does from also holding a huge stake in this place. The LeoFinance crew are doing a great job too, even if it is mostly their own thing.

I do hope those bugs get worked out soon; particularly the one that shows all posts as having ONE comment, when actually there are many!


From an investment point of view, I'm hoping this hardfork is a big step forward, because from a blogging point of view it was a pain in the arse.

But right now, it's not surprising content and engagement is down, the site is running like a pig, and the price is down to 13 cents - I'm thinking any sign of a price increase will start more posting, and if it stays low for a bit longer I'm not panicking - I'm picking it to get back up to 20 cents plus before the end of the year, and don't think it will go under 10 cents because the ideas behind it are so good

I'm just hoping it was somehow meaningful in the sense that Hive is evidently (or so I hear) now "it's own chain" rather than just Steem 2.0. I'm not a techie, so not sure how that actually manifests for us grunts at ground level...

If the history of Steem is anything much to go by, activity/posting always seemed to ebb and flow with the price of the token. The price of the token worries me less than the anemic trading volume which seems more like an indicator that nobody cares. I hope I am wrong about that, because I really do like this community!


I suspect that it won't be blogging that saves things but web 3 layers - all over my head but I just get the sense that is where things are going

And if it does, blogging will take off as soon as people start earning to post - a few dollars is all it seems to take going on steemit, so i don't think us posting will help much, but all those geeks going on about their backends could do it

Leofinance for example is utter garbage content, but it's taking off because of the idea behind it

Do you remember what the site was that showed all the Hive account rankings? - I've forgotten what it was called.

This is the one I use for Hive, in general:

Just pop your own username in at top right to find out where you stand.

This one has rankings for the Hive-Engine 2nd layer tokens:

You have to click around a bit to get to the "richlists" but it's workable.

Yes, the actual content on LeoFinance is no great shakes, but they do have what makes for a dynamic community: an energetic and constantly working/updating/engaged "management;" a fairly tightly defined focus (crypto investing and finance); a clearly stated (and pretty transparent) plan/roadmap... and a substantial base of supporters ready to sing its praises.

No reason why other communities like STEMGeeks or NaturalMedicine couldn't create similar successes. All it takes is a lot of WORK.


 last month (edited)

Many thanks, Hivebuzz is it, I lost my bookmark and couldn't remember the name.

And the content on Leofinance - now I've had a better look - it really is low end!

And this is one of the better posts - it inspired me to squawk rather than just doze off!:

I have to agree with you @curatorcat; it does seem like there's not much 'new' happening. Take care and don't forget to ask for catnip!😸

Oh, I always try to keep my eye on the catnip @elizabethbit!

As for "what's happening" around here, I guess all we can really do is try to be "model citizens" in the sense of being and providing what we feel other people might enjoy seeing and being part of.



You take such great pictures 4 a Black cat.. got your human trained well :-)

Thaaaazzz Right...

That's very cute... of course, that's an orange cat... they get into everything, right?

Thank you @manorvillemike! We do our best with the photos, but sometimes the Hooman forgets to "dust me off" before the photo sessions... and black cats are not surprisingly covered in all manners of dust and lint!


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