Curator Cat on Caturday: There’s Always SOMEthing Happening!

Greetings fabulous Felines and Hoomans of Hivelandia!

It is the weekend once more, and it is Saturday — and that means Caturday! It's that special day of the week where we cats get to share all of our cute selfies and other pictures with the world.


It is a bright and sunny day today so I am enjoying my sunny spots. Very happy to see the sun because it has been cloudy and raining and occasionally foggy for the past week or so.

For the past week or so I (and the Hoomans) had been hearing noises coming from above. What I mean by that is that there'd been scratching and scrabbling noises coming from the crawl space between our lower level and our upper level here in the house.

What's going on, up there?

Well, we finally discovered that we don't have rats or mice up there but that the noises were caused by one or more stoats (also known as a short tailed weasel) somehow having gotten in there presumably because they were chasing a mouse, or were just looking for food or hidey hole.

The Hoomans are not exactly sure where there is a hole in the wall of the foundation that allows them to get in, but many small creatures can squeeze through remarkably small openings. We've checked everywhere, and they even had a pest control person come out to check everywhere, and the house is supposedly sealed tight. And still these little creatures get in from time to time.


In the meantime, the Dad-Hooman managed to — more or less accidentally — catch the stoat in a plastic bin, and it was rehomed to a location several miles away.

So there is once again peace in the house and I don't have to pace around and watch the ceiling anymore! Which is a good thing, because this was really interfering with my napping!

In the meantime, we're all trying to keep our minds off of worrying too much about the gyrations of the crypto markets. This, too, shall blow over!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful Caturday!



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The last photo was very nice! She’s in such good mood!


I'm so sorry I missed Caturday, But it is taco Tuesday! I will post My kitty next week. He looks just like yours!