Curator Cat: Looking Out at a Very Snowy and Cold Caturday!

in Caturday3 months ago

Greetings Felines and Hoomans of Hivelandia! I hope this day find you all safe, happy and tacked in somewhere warm.

It's Saturday, once again... so it's CATURDAY!

I'm really glad to be an inside cat...

Around these parts, winter arrived with a vengeance and it has been snowing since about 4:30 yesterday afternoon.

It's certainly very pretty to look out at, but days like today make me feel very grateful that I have my nice warm house and cat bed!

Time for a Caturday post, Hooman!

Of course, it was a pretty good day for "Kitty TV," because lots of birds and animals were out looking for food.

My favorite is when the squirrel comes by!

I see a small furry creature in the tree!

I really want to go chase it, but then I remember that I really hate snow, so I just watch from the window. The Hoomans seem to think that my intensity and focus are amusing, somehow.


Every now and then I have to rune downstairs to the door that opens up to the back yard because the squirrel might come running by....

Here comes that furry little bugger...

Other than that, it has been exciting to watch Hive finally become worth a little more, after all these months... even if the price is just rising in tandem with all the other alt coins.

We really need something to feel good about, and this has definitely helped, in an otherwise rather negative world!

Well, here's hoping you're having a great day... thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the remainder of your weekend!



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