Curator Cat: It's a "Record Setting" Caturday Again!

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Greetings Felines and Hoomans of Hivelandia!

Welcome to another edition of CATURDAY, my favorite day of the week to share cat photos! And people observe Caturday all around the world, every Saturday Because we all know that cats RULE the Internet!

That's my good side!

I love Caturday! Caturday is not exactly a new invention... it has been around since maybe 2004; I wrote a post about the origins of Caturday several years back.

How About That Bitcoin? And Hive?

Looks like this Caturday brings us yet another new record high for Bitcoin, now sitting at $57,000 and change... Wow!

My Hoomans are a little sad that they don't have much left of the Bitcoin they bought some years back, when it was under $1,000... but so it goes.

But no worries, because it seems like there are always new things that come along; new opportunities.

Caught taking a nap in the Mom-Hooman's office... (Photo by @cosmictriage)

In the meantime, it's nice to see our own Hive ticking upwards a bit, even if it's just as part of the greater market movement. 31 cents is a lot better than 13 cents. All you need to do is change the order the digits... see? That was easy!

All I really care about is that there's enough for cat treats!

Well, maybe that's not entirely true... I do also care a lot about the "health and wellness" of the Hive community.

OK, since you woke me up, I'll pose for you! (photo by @cosmictriage)

The Topic of "Building Communities"

One of my own favorite topics is that of building communities.

That's starting to happen — in earnest — here in Hivelandia, and I believe it's how Hive is going to grow and thrive. As communities grow and thrive, so Hive will grow and thrive.

I was looking through some of my old "drafts" and discovered the beginnings of many posts about communities... so I think it's time for Curator Cat to occasionally put on his Community Cat hat and share some experiences and thoughts about communities and community building.

ENOUGH with the camera! I'm going back to sleep! (photo by @cosmictriage)

I am already committed to being part of several of Hive's communities, as my alter egos @curatorcat.ccc, @curatorcat.pal and @curatorcat.leo. And I don't expect it to end there...

... but those accounts are not about grabbing the cash, they are about supporting niche specific content. Why? Because that's how most people actually use the web. It's time to separate out our idealism and dreams from the mix and start looking at applied functionality.

That's just one of many things I plan to explore in the realm of communities, along with (very likely) visits and in-depth reviews of many of our growing communities... what are they like, what are they doing, how are they doing, where are they going?

For now, though... it's CATURDAY and it's wintertime, so I am going to get back to my napping!

Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone has a wonderful Caturday!



Love Cats? Get Involved in Hive's Cat Communties!

If you're a cat lover and often/sometimes post pictures or other content that includes your feline friends, why not become an active part of Hive's growing Cat Communities?

These are some of the more active Cat Communities — why not join them ALL? Remember, you can also "cross-post" your cat posts to them!

HiveCats by @curatorcat is a central "gathering place" for cat content on Hive; promoting the use of the #hivecats tag for feline content!

Cat Snaps by @manorvillemike is a place to post pictures of your cats when you don't have a whole lot to say beyond just sharing your cute photos!

Caturday Community by @saboin is a community where we get to celebrate posts relating to Saturday — aka "Caturday" — our own special day!

Cat Photos by @andrarchy is a "mixed use" cat content community; posts can be just photos or longer, as long as the subject is CATS! It has a lot of subscribers but is not very active.

Cats by @captainklaus (and Sissi!) is another "general" cat content community; it's there, but not very active.

Last, but certainly not least, a special shoutout to the recently formed Hive Pets Community which has become quite active and has quite a bit of cat content!

There are a number of other feline communities listed on Hive, but I am not sharing them for now as they have not had any activity (by their Admins OR users) since the Steem/Hive fork. Updates as they become available!

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