Curator Cat Caturday: The Cat Controls the Horizontal AND the Vertical!

Greetings wonderful Felines and Hoomans of Hivelandia!

Welcome to the weekend, and welcome to CATURDAY, my favorite day of the week! Time to share cat photos with everyone, and time to pass along some "cat wisdom," because we all know that cats are wise creatures!


Just in Case You Had Doubts...

As you can see from the photo, I do take a very active part in the creation of my blog content! I may not have opposable thumbs, but I can certainly control the hand that controls the mouse!

Just wanted to clear that up!

It's a windy and occasionally rainy day today, so the Hoomans are inside and paying more attention to their fur friends! I like that!

We also have the Daughter-Hooman and the Son-Hooman visiting from Seattle, so that means I get extra pats and treats... yes, it's definitely a good weekend!

Catching one of our very brief "sun breaks"

In Other News...

I guess some of us are better "Planners" and some of us are better "Doers."

I've been "meaning to" get back to my non-Caturday postings on community building and exploring the Hive ecosystem's many and varied individual communities. Alas, so far all I have managed to come up with are some plans for what I want to do.

Beyond that, the naps always seem to get in the way and we cats also run into the "oh-shiny" issue rather often!

But I'll get there... eventually!

Napping under the Dad-Hooman's work lamp...

Squirrely Crypto Markets

Are the crypto markets making you worried? Seems like it's all a bit of a rollercoaster ride, these days.

I'm just trying to keep my head down and focus on what's happening here within the greater Hivelandia system... with both Hive proper, and a number of the communities.

It has been interesting to watch how some of our communities seem to be gaining more of "Life of their own," with LeoFinance and ProofOfBrain leading the way... I do think theire are some more lurking in the shadows.

Things are definitely happening, around here!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of your Caturday!



Love Cats? Get Involved in Hive's Cat Communties!

If you're a cat lover and often/sometimes post pictures or other content that includes your feline friends, why not become an active part of Hive's growing Cat Communities?

These are some of the more active Cat Communities — why not join them ALL? Remember, you can also "cross-post" your cat posts to them!

HiveCats by @curatorcat is a central "gathering place" for cat content on Hive; promoting the use of the #hivecats tag for feline content!

Cat Snaps by @manorvillemike is a place to post pictures of your cats when you don't have a whole lot to say beyond just sharing your cute photos!

Caturday Community by @saboin is a community where we get to celebrate posts relating to Saturday — aka "Caturday" — our own special day!

Cat Photos by @andrarchy is a "mixed use" cat content community; posts can be just photos or longer, as long as the subject is CATS! It has a lot of subscribers but is not very active.

Cats by @captainklaus (and Sissi!) is another "general" cat content community; it's there, but not very active.

Last, but certainly not least, a special shoutout to the recently formed Hive Pets Community which has become quite active and has quite a bit of cat content!

There are a number of other feline communities listed on Hive, but I am not sharing them for now as they have not had any activity (by their Admins OR users) since the Steem/Hive fork. Updates as they become available!

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Nothing like a controlling helping paw :)
Looking good, kitty! Looking good.


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