Curator Cat Caturday: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like CAT-mas!

in Caturday2 months ago

Greetings Felines and Hoomans of Hivelandia!

It's the last Caturday before Solstice and Christmas, and we've got ourselves a grubby and grimy cold day around here. But that's no excuse to overlook my favorite day of the week!

It has been a good day to just hang out, even over the back of a chair...


Earlier, the Hoomans brought in that huge box they have that contains an entire tree!

Imagine that! A tree in a box! Of course, I had to inspect... but then I spotted a bird outside.


The Christmas tree is quite a treat for a cat... with all those shiny dangling objects!

Sadly, they don't let me be alone in the room with the tree, once it's decorated... but I still manage to bat around a few of the lower hanging ornaments.


Since they weren't really in the mood to play, I went and took a nap in the dog's bed by the window instead.

Hopefully your Caturday has been a bit more entertaining!



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