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Late in the morning, when I returned from the grocery store, because I forgot to buy some stuff yesterday in my weekly supermarket shopping ...


... the male cat called Farabuto established himself on the pedestal made of XXX Mega Roll of some fine non-expensive paper towels I bought an hour before ...


... he looked like the king of the kitchen ... and maybe he deserves that title seriously.


Two other males in my cat tribe, Bembo and Rakunatz, called also Miles sometimes ...


... were chillin' on the sofa, enjoying the cold winter day from this comfortable indoor prospective ... Although they look a bit like twins, clones or the cat equivalent of Elvis Presley and his impersonator ...


... they are not related ... and they came from different towns.


I found another chillin' pair on the fridge ...


... Malatz, the black & white male ... and the female called Veveritza.


Then, after some time ... Bembo was on the living room table with Palchich, another male ...


... Bembo was staring at something on the top of the cupboard ...


... and that something was Veveritza, as you can see as a small detail on this wide, enlargeable shot.


Meanwhile, Rakunatz was in the kitchen.


After that, Palchic was chillin' in my armchair, the chair in front of the PC, where all the posts are written ...


... and Farabuto was chillin' there too ...


... so I took these shots ...


... because I couldn't work comfortably on the computer ...


... after that ... in the evening ...


... I caught Farabuto in this funny situation ... and that's it ... for today ... I have more cats ... and more female cats ... but they were active outdoors on this occasion ... as always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work - MEOW MEOW (which means THE END)


I think Farabuto wins the name lottery, and the best picture is probably Bembo with Palchik. But that's close. So many wonderful pictures--Farabuto snuggling with Palchik, for example.

A really nice Catday blog. Although, the pictures would be great any day.

Meow ! :D

Wow! So many cats in the house! They are good climbers! How did they jump on top of the fridge?! They are so lucky to have warm places to chill! You feed them too good as they all look quite heavy!! Funny Farabuto! Hope he found something delicious inside the pot! LoL

Her name, Veveritza means squirrel ... she got it because of these incredible jumps and climbing :)

Aha. Jumping like a squirrel! Funny cat! I used to called a little boy ‘kangaroo’ as he liked to jump on chairs and couches inside the house. Your cat reminded me of this little boy. LoL

Bembo and Rakunac looks like twins, although you say they are not related...So strange that one is like the clone of the other.

A happy Caturday with all your cats. Farabuto Looks similar to one of my cats I named Sunday.

:) Happy Sunday to you and Sunday ... and all the other cats ...

I thank you and my cats, Red and Sunday thank you. 😸


It's been a long time since I saw your cats (maybe because of my absence)))
I already missed you)
By the way, in the fall, my beloved cat Lucius died of urolithiasis (

Condolences for Lucius. I didn't upload many cat posts before this one, it was mostly about insects, mushrooms and flowers when the weather was warmer.

So I didn't miss anything) Thank you for your condolences!
We just bought him a female of his own color, waited for them to have kittens, but he did not live to see her first estrus, literally a month ...