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RE: DARK: Mid-Show Review

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It is an amazing show and I am glad that also non-German speakers enjoy it. Usually, German productions looked weird in the past but coming from Netflix, it feels very much like a US production - but taking place in Germany and with German actors. Apparently, it is the highest rated show on Netflix. It also has English dubbing, for those who don't like subtitles. I have already finished the final season and I absolutely loved the ending. Something I cannot say about Fringe (ending was ok) or Lost (ending was terrible).

The show is full of occult symbolism, like the Ouroboros, the keeper of time. I also found the ever appearing St. Christopher very intriguing. The makers certainly have an esoteric message hidden in this show but that is something we are used to in pretty much everything these days. 33 years to jump forward and backward in time? lol


And what was 1986? The Chernobyl disaster with a nuclear power plant in the Ukraine (Chernobyl literally means Wormwood, from Revelation 8:11). I still remember the nuclear clouds coming from there over north-east Germany (Berlin) and my mother stocking food in tin cans for an entire year. And the nuclear power plant is the central element of the show, down to the coloring of Jonas yellow rain coat.

And then the Tabula Smaragdina or Emerald Tablet of Thoth/Hermes Trismegistus. Truly a hermetic show.



Check out Babylon Berlin for a 100% German made show of the highest level.

But if Nate's post didn't already have me, your comment now definitely led me to queue 'Dark'.

You definitely add another layer of meaning to the show!


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