Razor Network On Pancake with 300k Reward Pool & Plutos Partnership

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The truly decentralized oracle network for a decentralized system in areas of identity, finance, atomic swap, synthetic assets, insurance, prediction markets released two amazing announcements this week that continuously showing the development and growth of this project.

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The DeFi system positioning users in a way to store and grow wealth in one single pool. RAZOR on pancake release opportunity to fetch from 300,000 liquidity provider reward within 120 days. The APR comes with over 2000+ APR, and with a low gas fee on BSC, every holder of RAZOR can participate in liquidity mining with BNB. Read More

A Step Further - Razor & Plutos

The sustainability of a project is connectivity with other great projects in form of partnership to establish strength. Razor network has taken a further step to Razor’s decentralized oracle network to provide reliable price feed to Plutos Network’s synthetic issuances and derivatives trading platform.
Plutos Network is a cross-chain synthetics issuance and derivatives trading platform. With the huge use-cases of Razor protocol, the network released a technical breakthrough to current limitations existing in Open Finance. In other words, Razor Network will provide price deeds for the Plutos’ marketplace where users issue and trade synthetics, including swaps, options, contracts, commodities and more.

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In conclusion, upgrades, development, partnership, interaction and communication through a good team of any project relay the strength of that project to the users and these reveal the future of such project. Razor Network is building a seamless userbase decentralized oracle network that connects with multiple blockchains and will be great to check out and be part of this amazing project.

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