Ep. 22: Let's Talk MANTRA (MANTRA DAO Africa)

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It's a new month!
MANTRA DAO and the MANTRA Protocol operates as a community-governed, a decentralized autonomous organization through its use and integration of the OM token which many Africans have benefited from.
Knowing that OM tokens are the entry pieces for people to become members into MANTRA DAO and are what allows them to decide how they want the organization to operate, we in Africa created means of educating African's Sherpas about DeFi features.

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Ep. 22, Let's Talk MANTRA is Here!

Last week, we dwelled on liquidity and gasless transaction on the polygon network, it was an interesting and educating moment for the participant.
Today, we will be looking at another DeFi feature attached to MANTRA DAO.

Venue: MANTRA DAO Africa
Time: 7:30 PM WAT
Reward: $50 OM

Come along with your questions about MANTRA DAO project....

We learn and earn.