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RE: Your Top 3 Monthly Contest March 2020 - What Are Your Least Favorite Movies?

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It's SaturdayNight which means comedy from me!

Get on to this post about the 3 worst movies in my life. If you've ever seen charlie brooker's critical comedy that's what to expect... except maybe not quite as good 😆


Epic! I've swung by and had a look at your nominations! Thanks for writing them!


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Thanks. Do let me know when the voting starts.

I'm not being arrogant, but at the moment I have 1 day off from steem a week (today) with all the community stuff at the ink well. And I lose track of what's going on at the best of times lol

I shouldn't even be on steem right now. I'm gonna go watch a film or make some money finishing a commissioned website piece. Or maybe just go to sleep for 14 hours 🤣

I'll be sure to let you know @raj808 - I send reminders out about the key events throughout the month so you won't miss a thing!

Don't burn yourself out there!

Hey @raj808! Just letting you I've begun the dpoll now, which you can view and even vote on here!

Good luck!