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RE: My Favourite Disaster Movies

in Your Top 3 Contest11 months ago

Kicking off the month with some great picks! Glad you made it in plenty of time this round. I agree a zombie movie is a must this round and World War Z is a good one for sure. Forget those slacker slow moving zombies, those fast zombies scare the crap out of me a whole lot more. Cloverfield was a good one, too. I feel like I have seen The Core, but can't remember for sure. You definitely covered all the bases for threats to mankind here--aliens, zombies and ourselves. ;) Good luck in the polls!


LOL totally, slow zombies, man I'd be out with my cricket bat and taking them out for fun, but those fast ones, ah I'm not about that life, I'd be living underground like mole people lol.

I wonder if I could handle zombie land for real, I mean the games and movies are fun but cracking skulls in real life, hmmm don't know if I can do it, but then again no ones tried to bite open my head so, its a toss up

Yeah, I'm with you on that. Though perhaps the first one would be tough, then it would get easier after you "broke the seal" if you will. 🤣

LOL perhaps you're right, maybe I should try it out like on a pumpkin or something draw a face on it, put some tomato sauce on the "mouth" and then just go full American psycho on it

Hoping we never have to be truly tested in that regard, but I suppose that's one way to test it out, haha. Just make sure you save the seeds to roast for a delicious apocalypse snack. ;)

LOL now you got me thinking, if Zombies make for good compost, I'd surely have the motivation, go out smash some of them turn it into compost, sell it to all the home gardeners, take payment in pumpkins, repeat!