My Nominations for the Top 3 Monthly Contest -Least Favorite Movies

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This is my entry into this month’s Top 3 contest.

This month's topic is LEAST FAVORITE MOVIES

My Nominations are:

Nomination Number One


The son of the dark, frankly there is no other way, this movie is a stupid attempt to unite the superheroes with the horror genre, the only two reasons why this movie called attention is because it was the "visionary" James Bond and because the movie was telling you, hey we're going to show you the origin of superman, but now what would have happened if it had been done wrong, in a horror and horror movie, which I insist again is not the genre of horror with the genre of superheroes, it does not hit, nor together, this movie proved me right when I say that superhero movies are hardly going to be more scary today, they would have to do an excellent job so that both things They can carry well.

In the film they put a lot of screamer, meaningless for some reason to put screamer in every possible moment, with a lot of violent scenes that are already very generic up to this point, including the eye scene, really that scene we have already seen a thousand times and that is basically, a movie that failed completely on both sides, neither being a superhero movie, nor a horror and horror movie, on both sides assuming again that the movie believes that we are understanding what they are talking about and that they trust their product so blindly that they did not explain any of that because they are waiting for the sequel to explain it and I definitely doubt that they will get a sequel.

Nomination Number Two


If we are definitely talking about failed horror movies, the winner would be the curse of the weeping woman, can someone explain to me why this is in the spell universe, can someone explain to me how a movie that deals with a Mexican legend or a super legend famous throughout the world, ends up being in a universe where there is an Anabel, where there is a nun, in a universe where there are movies with monsters that are based on real events.

And you put me in a movie that is about a legend, how do you want me to take this seriously, by this point, I definitely do not intend to follow the spell universe, in the same way, much less with the spell 3 that will come out next year, they supposedly saw the stupid title they put on, well from what I hear the director of this movie is going to direct the spell 3, so I no longer have any hope with this, the pure fact that the universe exists It is already disappointing for me, because this is the synonym of forced.

The first movie of the spell is a movie that worked alone, on its own, after they took out another one that was terrible and after that they began to lengthen it more by putting more movies and more monsters, making this whole concept of the spell it is based on in real events and that it was one of the best horror movies ever made, being spoiled by a lot of movies that didn't have to exist to begin with.

And that includes Anabel's third movie, meddiga boring movie, but it was not in the worst of the year, but the weeping woman definitely is a super boring movie, that when we were watching it with my family we were seeing how ridiculous that things happened in the movie, for some reason they decide that the best idea to be able to bring the weeping woman on the screen is to lock her in a house instead of putting her in a forest or even water scenario.

Nomination Number Three

The silence

This movie I can say with certainty that none of you have seen it and if any of you have seen it, you will understand me, this is a movie that did not go out in the cinema and if it came out in the cinema because it did not come here, because I saw her on netflix, a movie that is supposedly horror, a movie that stars stanley tucci, by this dark world actress from Sabrina and who for the third time tries to squeeze this concept that if we don't make noise, the monsters do not attack us and this would be a place in silence 3, I say I say no this time it is called "silence" I am just playing,

If you thought we saw Sandra Bullock's movie it was a silent place 2 they are definitely the second or third part of this universe, I don't know what to say, I don't know what to say seriously this movie is too bad, what they want me to say .

The movie lasts an hour and a half, but it feels like there is no movie to watch, that is, the movie starts, these monsters arrive that there is no need to make noise so that they do not eat us, then the classic scene appears where we test everything this, that if we do not make noise the monsters are not going to do anything to us, a quite convenient noise in this movie, if it was noticed a lot or that there are moments where a noise is made and that is not heard, but there are moments where They set foot on the ground and creak and do not listen to them, then we move on to a scene where the characters try to find shelter and it looks like a test where we have to apply everything we already learned in the previous scene and after passing This time, we will move on to the final fight.

But it does not turn out that this conflict of seeking refuge is the final scene, then they show us a lot of scenes of these characters walking and the movie ends, the credits disappeared and of course this film is directed by the guy Anabel rightly directed the movie is so is such ... well that's it.

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Your third choice The Silence, looks very similar to one of the movies I picked, A Quiet Place, I may have to watch it just to see how similar the plots are, lol

If they are similar!

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Firstly, welcome to the contest! Thanks for taking part this month!

You know the movies are bad when they don't even get released in the cinema and go straight to Netflix or DVD! Sounds like you picked some right stinkers here and you're right, horror and superheroes should be left alone!

Good luck in the contest this month, keep your eyes on our comments and posts from @yourtop3 so you know the next steps and we'll see how your choices do in our dpoll! 😃

Thank you very much, if I will be pending as far as possible, I have been busy a bit and I moved away from steemt .. greetings

Awesome to see you join us this month! I think I've only seen the first one on your list, but sounds like I'm not missing out on the others. Horror is definitely a genre where there are some truly awful movies! Though some tend to end up being more comedy and at least give you a good laugh. Good luck with your choices this month! :)

Yes, there are some horror that end up being funny, thanks and regards!

Hey @necho41

Welcome to the contest.

I haven't seen Brightburn, although I did watch the trailer and was intrigued. Clearly, I was wrong. I haven't seen the second choice either.

The Silence could have been good but sometimes I think writers, directors and producers come up with 'good ideas' and don't really know how to finish it off. I thought it started well and just fell apart. Shame.

Great post. Best of luck with the dpoll.


Sometimes it takes an effort for the screenwriter to give a boost to the movie and make it good! when they end up forcing the bar it usually ends badly, thanks for the welcome, regards!