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RE: Your Top 3 Monthly Contest March 2020 - What Are Your Least Favorite Movies?

Movies I hate? Hmm... there have been several, but can I remember what they were? This could be tough because I don't usually remember the trash I've discarded. 😂


Haha, well we can't make it TOO easy on you. ;)

Real adventurers don't want it to be easy! :)

Haha I know how you feel, think I sold a lot of dvds I bought many moons ago thinking they were good but were actually awful on reflection - may have to check my eBay account here... and my current collection 😂

"I guess I could start by listing any movies I've seen that starred Richard Dreyfus..."

"I could use Ted Danson also, but I don't think he's ever been in a movie, has he?" he says, snickering.