Those Ice Cream Days

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Summer's heading our way. Although it doesn't feel like it today as a galeforce wind howls around the house. Having a foretaste of summer earlier in the week, it feels as though winter's returned. One of the things I really enjoy about summer is a frappé. No, not the Greek one, but the one that, on a hot summer's day, The Husband will rush home when he returns from the weekly shop in Robertson. If it's not too late. That caveat is because I have a problem with cafeine. Strictly Coffee describes it as an iced latté, but as fond as I am of a latté, and theirs, too, the name doesn't do them justice: they are more like milk shakes. Thick creamy and made with Strictly Coffee's own roasted beans.

First Ice Cream Memories

My first memories of ice cream go back to when I must have been about five. We lived in a flat (apartment) on the Quigney in East London, South Africa. In summers, and on a Sunday, my parents would pack us in the old (well she wasn't then) Anglia, and head out to Buffalo Pass. We'd spend the day in the sun, under trees wearing little more than a pair of shorts. One of the things I remember (don't ask me why), was that I had a little red Matchbox bus.


My bus did things buses of that vintage and design were never intended to do. It traversed dust roads, man Fiona-made mountains and branched up and down trees. By the time we headed home in the late afternoon, the bus was covered in dust. As was the child. It became a ritual to stop at The Friesland on the way home.


The Friesland Milkbar is now an East London institution and even then, was known to produce the best ice cream on the planet. My mother always had rum and raisin. I think I had cholcolate.

So added to the the dust and grime, were the sticky dribbles of ice cream. Once we got home, the children were dunked, clothes and all, into a bath of bubbles from - I kid you not - Softly washing powder. My mother reserved it for her "unmentionables", woolies and children.

Back to the Friesland for a minute: long time friends who return to East London - even more than fifty years later - make the not negotiable pilgrimage for ice cream.

Still in East London and then in Grahamstown

When we didn't head out for the day, we'd be at home and the parents would have an afternoon zizz. With hindsight, it was probably a necessary nap after a Saturday night. I have never been one for an afternoon kip, so I never understood my father's fury when the ice cream cart came calling. I can still hear him:

If the ice cream man rings that bell once more, I'll wrap that bell around his neck...
Or words to that effect.

I have no real memories of buying anything from one of those carts in East London, although I do remember doing it - quite often - after we moved to Grahamstown. My favourite was a mint ice cream dipped in chocolate on a wooden stick. I remember sucking the minty, creamy liquid through the hard chocolate crust which melted far too quickly.

The modern iteration of my favourite ice cream from fifty years ago Source

I remember doing this when the cart stopped at the end of the drive way and I was able to persuade my mother to part with 12c.


Ice Cream and Dad

Two of my fondest childhood memories of my father was not long after we moved to Grahamstown. Both were on Saturday afternoons and are associated with ice cream. The more frequent, and occasionally with Mum was at a little café in the High Street which sold soft serve ice cream. One could have plain (vanilla), strawberry or chocolate or a mixture of the two. It didn't take me long to realise that plain was best, but better when wound around a Flake and dipped in chocolate. That didn't happen often. Still doesn't. The second was also a little café, most definitely not in the High Street, but across the way from one of the two town cinemas. The Olympia Café made its own ice cream. It was served in cones and in balls on which one had one (for the children) or two (for the grown ups) scoops. I still remember how creamy it was. It had a unique flavour, and as I think about it, it was probably a slightly caremelised vanilla. My mouth waters at the memory.

Grown up Ice Cream

I rarely now have ice cream, and when I do, it's as a dessert and often shared. Three are memorable. The first because it was decadent, enormous and well, just completely and unexpectedly over the top. The Husband and I were on holiday in our favourite seaside spot and decided to have dessert. The house special was recommended. I cannot tell you anything about the rest of the meal because it was forever eclipsed by what landed on our table.

It was served on a dinner plate. It was a pavlova of fresh cream, ice cream, fresh strawberries and lots of red sweet stuff drizzled liberally over it. It would have served ten let alone two. It was delicious. We did our best. Did we finish it? I have no idea.

The second and equally memorable is the honeycome icecream we often shared at a little restaurant in McGregor started by folk who are now friends. It is not overly sweet and a shared bowl is the perfect end to a meal. I remember one cold winter's evening, after a leisurely meal in front of their fire. We were the last in that part of the establishment and they were tidying up.

Stay, relax.

Can I bring you?

There we sat, with our chairs pulled up to the fire, my feet on the The Husband's knees, sharing a bowl of icecream, whiling the rest of the evening away.

It's no wonder we moved to McGregor.

If I have to choose



Regular readers know that I occasionally participate in a contest that has us choosing our three best, worst or something things. I wasn't sure I was going to, this month, but reading other entries got me thinking. Then, it's also the penultimate month that it will run. The team is taking a well-deserved break.

Thank you

Before getting to my choices, thank you to the team of @nickyhavey, @plantstoplanks, @chees4ead and @foxyspirit. Hats-off to a group of people who have been consistent and dedicated to running (very smoothly) a contest that, if one delves into it, is complicated. Necessary to keep things fair and above board. They've done all of that with aplomb.

Q will be missed and I hope he returns, well rested, at some point.

Top 3

Now, I'm grown up, and if I occasionally must include ice cream in the grocery shop, it will either be vanilla or blueberry. And if Kurt and Andre have their honeycomb ice cream on offer, it will always be gratefully accepted.

Feature image

Until next time, be well
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma

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Your East London looks a lot more scenic than our East London haha!

Sounds like you had the same technique for eating magnums as I do! Although I like the classic, the double chocolate offerings with 2 layer chocolate coating is quickly rising up the ranks!

Vanilla with a flake is classic combination and those ice cream vans would often have that ordered if they ran out of Magnums! Honeycomb is a flavour that I can leave or take but the nicest honeycomb I had was a wafer that impaled vanilla ice cream with a warm chocolate brownie... wow! Beautiful combo!

Just to make sure Q doesn't give me a grilling when I report back, want to make sure these are your choices:

  • Magnum Mint Flavour
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Honeycomb Ice Cream?

Thanks for the Fiona treatment as always and good luck with the necessarily complex contest this month 😃

Hahaha! That part of East London was, 50 years ago, NOT the place to be living. It was considered very much "the wrong side of the tracks".

the double chocolate offerings with 2 layer chocolate coating

You have got to be kidding! I'd run a mile, but clearly no self-respecting chocoholic will pass that up...which means that I'd stick to plain, not boring honeycomb icecream - especially Kurt and Andre's. So happy they're back in the village and making it again!

Finally, yes, you got it right, you can tell Q:

Magnum Mint Flavour
Vanilla Ice Cream
Honeycomb Ice Cream


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I, and I'm sure the rest of the team, will most assuredly miss the "Fiona Treatment" each month when Q takes his well deserved break. That has been the best part of running this contest--the stories shared throughout the months. The topics are fun, but the personal touch that so many of you put on is priceless to read. I'm sure there will be plenty more wonderful blogs of yours I enjoy in the future, but it has been nice to be a part of the team evoking some lovely ones outside the norm for this time the @yourtop3 contest has been running! And of course, the ice cream sounds just as sweet as the memories.

Ah, Katie! What a lovely thing to say! I have really enjoyed contributing to this and the fact that I have succumbed to the not-pressure-pressure - mostly self-inflicted - is testimony to that. The entire team is a bunch of special individuals I'm delighted to call friends and with whom I am sure I shall continue to connect...